fall basics

whitney campeauclub monaco faux fur vest (25% off right now) / joie otk boots / august handbag / taylorson shirt / frame denim 

I’ve been wearing these boots (last seen here), and this vest nonstop lately. Partly because I love them, but mainly because I’m just so excited to finally be able to wear fall clothes now that the temperatures have dropped. I took advantage of the cooler weather a few weeks ago when Amy and I met up for coffee in Los Feliz a few weeks ago when we took these pictures.

It was neat to explore that part of town, even just for the afternoon. It’s really only about 15 miles away from where I live, but if you live here in LA or know anything about the city then you know how easy it is to stay in your little bubble and not venture out for fear of getting stuck in the dreaded traffic. I found a few great looking restaurants and shops that I want to check out again – next time I’ll bring my camera and make a post out of visiting the area. Have a good Tuesday!
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photos by Amy Bartlam

the best overnight masks

face-maskI love a good face mask. I’m one of those people who is very easily sucked in by beauty marketing and will buy just about anything promising ‘radiance’ or ‘intense moisture’, which translates into my bathroom being littered with about a zillion different products, masks being one of my favorites, in particular the overnight mask.

Have you used an overnight mask before? I feel like all of a sudden just about every brand offers a sleeping mask, and I for one am a fan because they’re so simple and a lot of them are super effective. I know a lot of beauty jargon is exaggerated just to sell products (it works!) but there is plenty of research explaining why creams, serums and masks work especially well when used overnight, when the skin is regenerating and repairing itself. My absolute favorite is Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, but I’ve tried a few others that are really great as well.

Here are a few I recommend (let me know if I’m missing out on anything amazing):

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Happy Thanksgiving (and a few sales…)


Happy Thanksgiving! How do you typically celebrate? Justin and I are heading to my sister’s at 2ish to hang out with the kiddos and get the party started, and I’m so excited to spend the day just hanging out with family and eating delicious food. Speaking of food, I’m planning to make these brussels sprouts that I was talking about the other day, as well as Ina’s recipe for stuffing which I’m really hoping turns out well. It seems good so far, as I made it in advance (I didn’t bake it yet, it’s just in the fridge ready to go) and snuck a few bites just to check. If all else fails, we’re also in charge of bringing champagne so we’ll just get everyone too drunk to notice 😉

However you spend the day, I hope you have a wonderful time…and while I kind of hate that the shops are now open and pushing their sales down our throats on what’s meant to be a holiday spent with family, there are some very good deals to be had so I felt it was only right to share just a few of my favorites below. Just in case you need something to do while digesting your turkey, or lounging in bed on Friday. Have a good one!

– Joie has 25% off everything with code THANKS…my favorite is this gorgeous blouse

J.Crew’s sale is 30% off nearly everything with code HOLIDAY…the perfect time to pick up a new winter jacket (I have my eye on this one, isn’t it pretty?) or a cashmere sweater for your husband/boyfriend/dad

-The more you spend, the more you save at Shop Bop with code GOBIG15…now’s the time to splurge (but save!) on that leather jacket you’ve been eyeing, or this amazing pair of Aquazzura party shoes

Tory Burch’s sale is 30% off when you spend at least $250 and use code THANKS…check out their sale section for steals like this tie neck blouse or these gorgeous boots

-Intermix is offering an additional 40% off sale styles, which makes for some very good deals…I tried on this un-basic black top the other day and loved it (and will now be ordering it!), and have had my eye on this cozy vest as well

Williams Sonoma’s sale is 20% off one item, including sale…I just ordered this frying pan which is such a steal right now!

interview with artist patrick marston


patrick marston venice mural

Today I have a little interview to share that I did with Venice based artist Patrick Marston. Justin and I attended the opening of one of his most recent works, which is a giant mural depicting Venice’s diverse history, painted on the hallway of Google’s Venice location. Read on to see what inspired Patrick, how the collaboration came about, and some of his favorite local spots…

1. How did you get started as an artist?

Creating art has always been my favorite thing as far as I can remember.  I loved to draw, paint and make whole worlds out of toilet paper tubes, cardboard and glue.   My parents were wise enough to recogonize that I had a strong curiousty for art and made sure that I got into workshops, camps and art classes to encourage my talent.  I wasn’t good at a lot of things, but I shined when I was making art.

2. How did the Google collaboration come about?

I received an email from Google, a call for local artists in the community, to see if I was interested in submitting an idea for a mural project.  Apparently, Google had been looking at submissions for almost two years prior, but Google wanted to have something up for the Venice Family Clincics ArtWalk that was just around the corner.  I worked for two days straight creating a design. Honestly – I knew there would be many incredible submissions. I wasn’t sure that mine would be chosen, but took the project on as a personal discipline and challenge.  I have adopted the motto, “Sacrifice or regret.”  One never knows unless they try.

20150909_171135-e14436579161693. What was your inspiration behind the Google mural?

I wanted to really capture the flavor of Venice.  I was inspired by its history, the canals, the amusment park piers, Oceanfront Walk, the music, the ecletic persoalities of the locals, and its trademark fun of surfing, beaching, biking, boarding. and basketball.  I investigated as much as I could and it all inevitably led me back to the source – the individual who concieved “Venice of America,” and that was Abbot Kinney.  The mural is titled “Abbot’s Dream.”  Everything we have created starts with an idea or a dream, and this was Abbot’s.  I thought it was interesting to incorporate the inventions of his time. Making dreams become reality was a very plausible concept. During Abbot’s life, the industrial age was giving birth to the lightbulb, the radio, the sewing machine, airplanes, bicycles…even the basketball was invented in 1891!  This was a time of incredible optimism, and I thought that was important to create a context for the dream of recreating a Venice in Southern California.  The other elements are all symbols and icons of Venice Beach from beginning to present – from gondolas and bridges to bikes on the bike path, from toy trains to tattoos, fishing and whale-watching to grafitti and rollerskating.  In the end, I nick-named the mural an 1800s Funkedelic Roller-Boogie.

4. I know you live in Venice – what are some of your favorite neighborhood spots (restaurants, shops, etc)?

HaH! There are so MANY great places here in Venice (not all of which one can afford to enjoy regularly on an artist’s budget).  The Venic Ale House. is my favorite place to hang with friends on a sunny weekend day.  I love Casablanca for the margaritas and music. I am a huge Arbor fan (best boards EVER!).  And, I just discovered Kippy’s! YUM!

patrick marston artist5. What’s next for you?

I have just completed a second mural in Culver City with my signature fish, and I am currently in talks for a large indoor mural in an Oceanfront Walk home here in Venice.  My husband Michael and I just opened up our gallery this month. The address is 3101 Washington Boulevard in Venice.  We are beside-ourselves-thrilled! The long history of work, perserverence, prolificacy and patronage is paying off.  It’s a great place to be as we continue to make our own dreams into reality.

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brussels sprouts recipe

I love brussels sprouts. I know not everybody does, but luckily for me (and those of you that like them too) they’ve become popular over the last few years and can be found in just about any trendy restaurant, cooked up in a variety of delicious ways. The bland, boiled ones that were set out and forced upon us at holidays when we were kids are long gone!

My sister is hosting Thanksgiving at her house this year, and I’m tasked with bringing stuffing/dressing and brussels sprouts, which is why I started doing brussels sprouts recipe research in the first place. When I make them for myself I usually just toss them in olive oil and throw them in the oven or my cast iron pan and call it a day, but I figure for Thanksgiving I should do something a little more exciting. Here are some of the best recipes I’ve found so far, in case you’re also making them for the holiday or are just looking for something for to make for dinner:

Balsamic brussels sprouts done in the slow cooker

Roasted brussels with chives and maple syrup

Garlic butter roasted brussels sprouts with parmesan cheese

Brussels with bacon and onions

Roasted brussels sprouts with thyme and grapes

best brussels sprouts recipebrussels-sprouts-with-maple-syrup grilled_brussels_3_600 cc4cc84adef4cacc01ad56e7db894e48

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