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Tory Burch has recently ventured into the home decor realm, and so far it is good. Would you expect anything less? If you’ve spent any time in her eclectic yet perfectly preppy stores or perused the Tory Burch Blog, you know that not only does the woman have great style, she’s serious about chic living as well. A lot of her home collection looks as though it could have been given to you by your grandmother or scooped up at a flea market, which I have a feeling is precisely the look they were going for. Nailed it.

The home collection as a whole includes Tory approved items like playful needlepoint pillows and a sleek acrylic ice bucket, but my favorite items are in the blue and white spongeware collection. The coordinating linens are gorgeous as well. If I had to choose just one favorite, I’d have to go with this pretty platter - I feel like it would make anything look instantly more appetizing, and like you put a lot of thought into a meal even if it was just picked up from the market.

What are your thoughts on the collection? Do you love it as much as I do? I can’t wait to see what they come up with next (and for these items to go on sale!).

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Jessica Seinfeld recipes

            roasted tomato bruschetta with mozzarella // creamy orzo risotto
            spicy coconut corn // cod with garlic tomatoes and potatoes

After a summer full of travel (Italy for our honeymoon, home to Canada a few times) it’s been really nice to have some time to spend at home. I’ve been cooking a fair amount, and my new favorite recipes are from Jessica Seinfeld. Her recipes are straightforward, super easy to understand and execute, and typically very healthy. An issue that I find myself with is that with other recipes I usually try to substitute olive oil for butter or heavy cream for one percent milk, often with not so great results. So the fact that most of (there are definitely a few exceptions) her recipes are already good for you is a bonus!

Jessica has a couple of cookbooks out now; I’ve been loving the The Can’t Cook Book, but her website Do It Delicious is a also great resource not just for recipes but for practical kitchen advice like how to stock your pantry and which appliances, pots and pans you really need to own. Even if you can cook, I recommend checking out the book and her site – do you need any more proof than the images above?

Bedroom Inspiration


bed // ceiling light // throw // x bench // bamboo pillow // pearl column lamp // baskets // rattan mirror // frames

We finally got a new bed after spending way too long with Justin’s enormous faux leather one from his bachelor days. We chose the one above as it fit my checklist; it’s well designed, versatile, and best of all, it was affordable. I discovered that beds can be extremely expensive, so I figured that if I cut back on my furniture budget (without lowering my quality standards, which is where One King’s Lane came in handy) I could put more of my budget towards the rest of the decor.

Since we got married I’ve been in ‘nesting’ mode, and our bedroom was/is in desperate need of a makeover. I want our room to be serene and relaxing, but also to have a personality. I’ve been finding myself drawn towards classic pieces with fun accents, like the striped x bench, and the ceiling lamp with quatrefoil designs. I also really love the bamboo design on the throw pillows – I actually have two of these on my bed right now, and they are just as pretty IRL as they look on the screen.

I really feel that having a bedroom that makes you happy is important – you spend so much of your life there that it almost seems silly not to love it. Our room is far from perfect but is coming together slowly but surely, and has definitely come quite a ways from its former look!

 A few other items I love: 


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I saw an article recently that compiled the magazine’s ten favorite rooftop bars, and decided to do a little research on my own. I found myself poring over list upon list of amazing bars with breathtaking views – it turns out there are nearly as many articles about said bars as there are bars themselves! Though a lot of the spots vary from website to website according to different categorizations (what does make a rooftop bar the best anyway – is it simply the view? How great the drinks are?), there are a few that tended to be included in a majority of the lists. Aer in Mumbai showed up in most, as did Mikla in Istanbul. Both of them are absolutely stunning and now high on my list of ‘must-sees’.

High Lounge at the Hotel Erwin in Venice made CNN’s list and is the only one that I’ve been to. It looks like I have quite a bit of traveling to do! Which would you most like to see? Do you spend as much time as I do looking up travel destinations and planning (imaginary) trips?

Green and White

IMG-10IMG-11.jpg IMG-16 (1) IMG-15 (1) IMG-14 (1) tk.png IMG-13.jpgWrap dresses have long been my one of my favorite things to wear; they’re an instant outfit in that they don’t require much thinking or accessorizing, especially when they come in amazing prints like this one from Diane Von Furstenberg. It’s an original print that was originally made in the 70′s; I saw Amy Adams’ character in American Hustle wearing this print and felt like I had to have it! I love that something that was chic in the seventies feels so modern and perfect forty years later.

With so many trends that come and go (ahem, crop tops and floral everything) it’s nice to know that there are a few items that stand the test of time. Do you have any wardrobe classics that you find yourself reaching for time and again? Mine would be any of my wrap dresses, black pumps and my J. Crew button down.

DVF wrap dress / Chanel wallet on chain / Manolo Blahnik pumps

photos by Amy Bartlam

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