Long Weekend


This is what my long weekend looks like. My only plans are to to soak up a little more beach time, and to get some use out of my Marysia Swim bikini. I bought it in white to wear on my honeymoon and it hasn’t gotten much use since!

I’ve been reading The Goldfinch and am hoping to finish it this weekend – it’s really good but it is long. Have you read it yet? Next on my reading list is This Is Where I Leave You.

It always gets hot at the beach and the best way to combat that is with this lightly scented Rosewater Spray from my new favorite beauty brand, Beautycounter…oh, and maybe a glass (or two) of rosé. Miraval rosé is actually from Brad and Angelina’s (we’re on a first name basis, apparently) vineyard in France and it’s really light and refreshing. Wine critics were set to dismiss it as yet another celebrity gimmick but have had to agree that it’s actually very good.

Sunscreen is obviously an important part of any beach day, and this solution from Sun Bum smells amazing and isn’t sticky. Success!

I know that accessories don’t really have a place at the beach, but I just got this watch and haven’t wanted to take it off. Maybe I can use it for timing sunscreen applications? I’ll probably just settle for minimal accessorizing and wear these Ray Bans. The cat eye wayfarer is my favorite style.

What are your plans for the weekend? Going anywhere exciting, or just relaxing, like me?

Beatriz Milhazes

772328145cb625535 1174214404713b79b2 45072391655043a37milhazes_beatriz_1994_santo_antonio_albuquerque_0 milhazes_beatriz_2004_mariposa_0 milhazes_beatriz_2013_flores_e_arvores_testBeatriz MilhazesI recently discovered and have now fallen in love with Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes‘ bold, abstract paintings, which are primarily inspired by the vibrant colors of the city and landscape of her native Rio de Janiero. Milhazes combines shapes, patterns, and hues that you wouldn’t traditionally think would go together to create pieces that are just so beautiful and eye catching.

My favorite thing about her work is that it is at once happy and colorful yet somehow a bit moody and edgy at the same time. As I’m sure you can tell I am by no means an art critic so feel free to laugh at me (or tell me your thoughts!), I just think her work is so wonderful.

I would love to own one of her pieces someday, though I’m pretty sure they are a little out of my price range; she has an upcoming exhibit at the Perez Art Museum Miami, and has pieces at museums like The Met and MOMA in New York. I have a feeling I’m going to have to settle for an Etsy lookalike, but a girl can dream…and plan to see some of her work next time I’m in NYC!

What are your thoughts? Do you love her work as much as I do?

images via James Cohan Gallery and PAMM

My ‘Cloffice’ With Lulu & Georgia




IMG11 (1)IMG28IMG16 (1)IMG02IMG18 IMG10 (1)

pictures by Amy Bartlam

Today I am sharing with you my closet/office hybrid, a room that I recently finished and that I love. I work from home a lot of the time (writing my blog and for The Luxe Life and The Style Spy) and had been doing most of my writing from the kitchen table, which was convenient to snacks and coffee but not so great for staying organized and on top of things…plus, having to move the entirety of my ‘office’ every night at dinnertime was getting a little annoying. This room is technically meant to be a second bedroom (hence the closet) and had been basically a tv/storage room until I decided to take it over and turn it into my ‘cloffice’. Space is at a premium in our little house, so the room had to be multipurpose.

My desk may look a little cluttered to some but I love being surrounded by items that I really love and that mean something to me, like the vintage magnifying glass which I picked up at Portobello Market in London, and my grandmother’s teacup saucer that I use to corral knick-knacks like my favorite lipstick, pens, and matches (from The Ivy, where we held our wedding rehearsal dinner). I also really love the painting, which I bought from a street artist in France – it sat around sadly for a few years and I’m glad that I finally got around to framing it!

In addition to my travel finds and old favorites, a lot of my items like the decorative ceramic pineapple (which Justin thinks is bizarre but I think is so cool), the bamboo pillow, the stacked globe lamp and the hand painted picture frame are new thanks to Lulu & Georgia, my favorite online home decor store. If you’re not familiar with the shop, they’re seriously an amazing resource for unique items at affordable prices.

Use code SEESHOPEATDO20 to get 20% off for the next 5 days!

Tory Home

BLOG_ToryOn_Spongeware_960_newPicMonkey Collage

Tory Burch has recently ventured into the home decor realm, and so far it is good. Would you expect anything less? If you’ve spent any time in her eclectic yet perfectly preppy stores or perused the Tory Burch Blog, you know that not only does the woman have great style, she’s serious about chic living as well. A lot of her home collection looks as though it could have been given to you by your grandmother or scooped up at a flea market, which I have a feeling is precisely the look they were going for. Nailed it.

The home collection as a whole includes Tory approved items like playful needlepoint pillows and a sleek acrylic ice bucket, but my favorite items are in the blue and white spongeware collection. The coordinating linens are gorgeous as well. If I had to choose just one favorite, I’d have to go with this pretty platter - I feel like it would make anything look instantly more appetizing, and like you put a lot of thought into a meal even if it was just picked up from the market.

What are your thoughts on the collection? Do you love it as much as I do? I can’t wait to see what they come up with next (and for these items to go on sale!).

shop some of my favorites:


Jessica Seinfeld recipes

            roasted tomato bruschetta with mozzarella // creamy orzo risotto
            spicy coconut corn // cod with garlic tomatoes and potatoes

After a summer full of travel (Italy for our honeymoon, home to Canada a few times) it’s been really nice to have some time to spend at home. I’ve been cooking a fair amount, and my new favorite recipes are from Jessica Seinfeld. Her recipes are straightforward, super easy to understand and execute, and typically very healthy. An issue that I find myself with is that with other recipes I usually try to substitute olive oil for butter or heavy cream for one percent milk, often with not so great results. So the fact that most of (there are definitely a few exceptions) her recipes are already good for you is a bonus!

Jessica has a couple of cookbooks out now; I’ve been loving the The Can’t Cook Book, but her website Do It Delicious is a also great resource not just for recipes but for practical kitchen advice like how to stock your pantry and which appliances, pots and pans you really need to own. Even if you can cook, I recommend checking out the book and her site – do you need any more proof than the images above?

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