OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA-This picture (via this gorgeous Pinterest board) is from Mykonos, somewhere I’m dying to visit. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

-One of my best friends from university is visiting and we went to Disneyland yesterday! It was so much fun and turned out to be a great time of year to go as there weren’t too many lines. Sadly though, a few of the rides were under construction, like Indiana Jones… Wendy was devastated.

-I worked on a fun photoshoot this week (I instagrammed a sneak peek) of a house that I helped design with LLH Interiors. I can’t wait to see the finished images!

-It’s World Immunization Week. This is an interesting, informative (short) video.

-I blogged about ordering this Deborah Lippman nail polish/treatment the other day and I’m reporting back that it’s worth its five star reviews. If you pick and bite your nails like me (horrible habit, I know) then this helps to harden and repair them but also looks really nice, even if you’re bizarrely bad at painting your nails.

-Have you seen this amazing news that the entirety of the Olsen Twins tv and movie past is going to be on Nickelodean starting Monday? I can’t wait to watch It Takes Two and Winning London. So good.

Have a good weekend!


ROSEMARY AND SALMON RECIPEI make salmon a lot. It’s so simple, and so healthy, and so good. I usually just sprinkle it with Dean and Deluca’s Mediterranean Rub, pop it in the oven and call it a day, but the other night I happened to have some rosemary in my fridge so I googled for a recipe and came across this one, which had great reviews and turned out to be delicious.

I followed the recipe exactly except that I took my salmon out a minute or two before suggested as the fish continues to cook a little once it’s out, and no one wants dry salmon.

To make it a meal I served it with roasted broccoli and carrots tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper, and a little rosemary and thyme, (I popped the veggies in the oven for twenty minutes before the salmon and then pushed it aside in the pan, adding the salmon for the remainder), and brown rice (I cheated and used the little Whole Foods package of precooked rice which makes dinner prep so simple) drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and mixed with whatever herbs I had in the fridge (I think it was parsley and dill). It turned out to be a really great, easy dinner that I’ll definitely make again.

What’s your go-to? Do you have something that you tend to make a couple of nights a week?

malibu wines

IMG_1971On Sunday a group of us went to Malibu Wines, an outdoor tasting room in the hills above Malibu, for a mini-bridal shower for my friend Alx who is getting married soon. I’d only been once before and had forgotten what a fun (and beautiful) place it is. It’s an outdoor tasting room surrounded by vineyards with plenty of tables for picnics, lots of wine, and live music on weekends. It’s such a fun way to spend an afternoon, but the only issue is that it’s a bit of a long, windy drive through the mountains – so you definitely need a DD.

We all brought different snacks and spent the afternoon relaxing, chatting, and celebrating the bride to be!IMG_1925IMG_1988IMG_1915IMG_1918IMG_1931IMG_1960IMG_1939^ I told them to act casual…this is what they came up with!IMG_1964IMG_1927IMG_1922

les sources de caudalie

les sources de caudalie

Justin and I stayed at Les Sources de Caudalie a few weeks ago, and it was heaven. I took a bunch of photos of my own that I was trying to edit this morning but they just weren’t doing it justice, so I figured that using some professional photos was the way to go…


198528198515^ the spa! It was amazing.198525198516198518198527198519198521198524198514

Les Sources de Caudalie was honestly one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and not just because I’m a big fan of the brand. The hotel is set amid vineyards in the countryside about a thirty minute drive from Bordeaux, and has just about every amenity you could possibly need. For starters, the on site restaurants were amazing – we only ate two meals elsewhere the entire trip.

There are two main restaurants, a more casual (but delicious and beautifully decorated) bistro style spot, and a gourmet restaurant serving heavy, authentic French fare and a seriously extensive wine list (more of a binder, really). I loved the rich food but felt like I needed some greens one of the nights, so the chef prepared a salad for me using lettuce and veggies from the garden right outside. Can it get any better? Also, they had this outrageous cheese cart and some of the best cheeses I’ve ever had in my life. Which was both good and bad, because now no cheese will ever live up to them.

In addition to the restaurants there is also a cute little bar set off of the lobby where we had drinks before dinner, and a neat wine bar serving lighter fare and selling local provisions, gifts, and wine. All of the amazing food and the stunning grounds would have been enough to make me happy, but the pièce de résistance is their absolutely gorgeous spa complete with a hammam bath and indoor and outdoor pools. I had a scrub, which was made up of crushed cabernet from the winery across the street. It was so, so relaxing.

I honestly can’t say too many good things about the hotel, and my only regret is that I don’t know when I’ll ever get to go back!

a few of my favorite Caudalie products:

TGIF – Weekend Links!

12070323575_06d65c695c_b-Happy Friday! This is one of my favorite Slim Aarons photos. Don’t you wish you were lounging poolside with a cute (well, cute in a mangy/rescue kind of way) puppy?

-Have you read this piece on Mellody Hobson? It’s really interesting, but will probably make you feel like you’re not doing enough with your life. She’s not only the president of a huge money management firm but she’s extremely philanthropic and sits on the boards of Estee Lauder, Starbucks, and Dreamworks. Oh, and she’s married to George Lucas!

-Speaking of George Lucas, Justin has been making me watch the old Star Wars movies because he can’t believe I’ve never seen them. Have you?

-Oh my gosh. Jimmy Kimmel has Jamie Foxx sing awful Tinder profiles. Hilarious, but kind of sad…

-We’re going to Mastro’s Ocean Club for dinner tonight, and I’m so excited. It’s right on the water (although since it’ll be night we probably won’t get to enjoy it very much) and apparently the food is great. I’m definitely also planning to order this. So. Good.

-Saks is having it’s Friends and Family sale starting today, if you’re interested. There is 30% off with code FRNFAM2 but it seems like a lot of stuff is excluded. Something that is included in the sale are these pretty Joie sandals that I’ve been eyeing.

-If you’re a Clarisonic fan like me, you’ll be happy to know that there is now a Body Brush attachment. I’ll definitely be ordering it.

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