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Good morning, you guys. We are officially moving today; the moving truck should be here in a few hours and I’m currently sitting in bed, sending a few emails and getting my to-do list in order for the day/wishing that I hadn’t packed up my coffee maker. I’m looking forward to getting settled into the new place and to start exploring the neighborhood and establishing a new routine. Manhattan Beach isn’t all that far away in reality (thirty minutes from where we live now) but I’ve lived within a a five mile radius on the Westside since I moved to LA after college so it’s going to feel pretty different. I’m excited!

Before I go do one last load of laundry and finish cleaning up, I wanted to share these photos that Amy and I took the other day after we grabbed tea at my new favorite restaurant in Venice, The Butcher’s Daughter. This grey Spendid dress is pretty much the best thing I own, and I’ve been wearing it nonstop – it’s so comfortable, it’s like wearing pajamas. I’ve been pairing the dress with my trusty Tretorns for an easy, on trend look that’s perfect for running around town doing work errands and is especially perfect for when you don’t have time to think about what to wear. Actually, I wish I hadn’t packed it so I could throw it on today. Darn.

Have a good one, and wish me luck!

grey splendid dress

photos by Amy Bartlam

weekend links

ccc419e8c717805b4d699b0075fc9a30Happy Friday, you guys. I’ve been a bit MIA this week, I know, but things have been busy with work and we have been getting stuff sorted for our move on Monday! I’m pretty excited, though I had forgotten how much packing sucks. It’s crazy to see how much stuff you accumulate over the years. I did a little bit of ‘Konmari’ and got rid of things that I don’t love, but it’s hard! Alright, I have to go pack. Have a good weekend, let me know if you’re doing something fun so I can live vicariously through you.

-This is so sweet: ‘Women in Their Thirties on the Advice They Wish They Had in Their Twenties’, ranging from silly “velvet pants are not a good look” to poignant “you have as much right to exist, join in, and contribute to society or just a conversation, as the next person”. Give it a read.

An interview with Net a Porter’s handbag buyer about ‘investment bags’; what goes into making one, and what to look for when buying one. This one is my favorite of her picks.

Six fascinating facts about Korean beauty. We all know they’re into their products and face masks but I didn’t realize plastic surgery was so prevalent, did you?

How to spend 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast, from NY Times. Yes, please!

Tips and tricks for starting an indoor garden.


112202c06a347175294a281c1c856c94 Gingham pops up in the shops every year around this time, but this season it seems like the pattern is everywhere, and I like it. I mentioned a while back that J.Crew has an entire section dedicated to all things gingham, and I’ve seen it in quite a few editorials and blogs as well. Gingham can tend to veer super preppy and buttoned up (think Reese Witherspoon) or casual-chic (a la Brigtte Bardot), but I think the ideal way to style it is somewhere in between the two. I absolutely love how Ines de la Fressange wears gingham, below – she looks classic and put together but a little bit edgy thanks to her accessories. Perfection, right?

A few of my favorite gingham pieces are this fun skirt from J.Crew (worn with something casual up top like a slouchy white t shirt to keep it from looking too twee), this amazing halter top (I know, a halter top! but look how cute the back is), and this printed dress which would look so cute with some strappy sandals. I also have my eye on these Solid and Striped swimsuits. Thoughts? Are you into gingham or is it not a pattern that you can see yourself wearing?

ffdd465af077c216bae6b71db1964082 a few gingham favorites:

 chic gingham 76533ccd0923e26bc964447f56a7bab3 how to wear gingham5a2701f7fa3945512566a0d44120e625gingham

britt bass turner

Screen+Shot+2016-02-17+at+2.36.04+PM When I posted this photo of my niece Audrey painting the other day, someone commented that her artwork was reminiscent of artist Britt Bass. I hadn’t hear of Britt before so when I looked her up I saw not only that they were right (Audrey must be some kind of four year old painting master), but that Britt’s work is gorgeous. The Atlanta based artist creates colorful abstract paintings which I’m now completely obsessed with – I just spent a good hour on her site, trying to decide which painting I like best. I think I’ve finally narrowed it down between this cheerful painting called Ride; and this one from her Geo series. It’s tough, they’re all so pretty! Britt also accepts commissions, which I’m pretty tempted to do once we’ve moved into the new house – wouldn’t it be so neat to have something created just for your space and using colors of your choice?

Take a scroll through these photos of her work featured in various homes, and be sure to check out her site or One Kings Lane to buy her work. Have a good day!

britt bass turner some of my favorites:

 Screen+Shot+2015-04-10+at+11.36.44+PM Screen+Shot+2016-02-17+at+2.34.20+PM download (1)britt bass turner artistScreen+Shot+2016-02-17+at+2.33.03+PM

weekend links

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a rose in our garden the other day after it rained. pretty color, hey?

TGIF. Last night my sister and I went to see Marie Kondo speak, and I’m now very inspired to spend the weekend ‘sparking joy’ aka throwing stuff out. It’s perfect timing actually, since we’re moving at the end of the month to that house in Manhattan Beach that I was talking about here. Woo hoo! I’m pretty excited, although packing and moving aren’t the most fun. Oh well. Do you have any fun plans for the next couple of days? Maybe make my Niçoise salad for lunch or dinner? Whatever you get up to, have fun!

-If you’re a flea market or thrift shop junkie like me, this list of 11 Midcentury Modern furniture brands to know will come in handy

-I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but if not, here’s Taylor Swift’s ’73 Questions’ with Vogue. My favorite part is getting a peek into her house!

A brief history of Harriet Tubman (who is replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill) via Fortune magazine.

-A Beverly Hills and Culver City guide, from Goop. I am in Beverly Hills quite a bit for work but rarely go to Culver City, so I’m looking forward to checking out a few of the places on this list. I bet my mom is going to bookmark this for her next visit, right mom?

-And finally, some really gorgeous toile napkins, just because.

Happy weekend!

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