CHIC BIKE OUTFITHappy Friday! I really wanted to get a blog post up from Byron Bay (we just left there today, now in Noosa) but we don’t have internet at the house we’ve rented which is kind of annoying, but probably actually a blessing in disguise. I guess this way we’re forced to really unplug and just enjoy this beautiful beach town. Not too shabby! I’m heading to New Zealand on Sunday and will have something new up on Monday morning, but for now, a few links to take you into the weekend…

-jane can featured Carrie Pittman, a super talented abstract artist on their blog the other day. Her work is gorgeous, check it out.

-Now this is neat – 98 pieces of raw food, sliced into tiny cubes and arranged in perfect symmetry. Can you identify all or most of them?

-These mojito popsicles sound like the most amazing thing ever

-I know you’ll love this – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Clueless. Another thing you probably didn’t know – the movie is inexplicably dubbed over by voice actors here in Australia, as we discovered the other night when it was on TV. Any idea why? It was kind of irritating, and I feel bad that Australians must not know how great the movie really is!

-21 Travel Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List. Yes to all of them!

-Domaine rounded up some un-trashy bachelorette party favors (they exist!) from Etsy

-Ten Things You Might Have Missed at Cannes This Week, via Vogue

-Nordstrom is having their epic Half Yearly Sale. This silk top from Tory Burch and these Joie espadrilles are currently in my shopping cart. Tough decisions!

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muesliI’ve been a huge muesli fan for quite some time, but since being in Australia I’ve become downright obsessed. Australians have really adopted the traditionally Swiss breakfast food (you can read about muesli’s origins here) and it’s on just about every menu I’ve seen, and it is delicious. I eat quite a bit of Seven Sundays muesli at home which I love, but I think there’s something about getting the ratios of dry ingredients and wet just right that take it from good to great.

I have my muesli routine down pat – I typically soak mine overnight in milk and then in the morning I stir in a dollop of yogurt, and top it whatever fruit or berries I have laying around that look good. Soaking them is really important as it not only tastes good but has multiple health benefits as well. Win-win! And yes, I did just say that I had a muesli routine. Obsessed,  I tell you.

What do you typically eat for breakfast, if anything? If you love muesli as much as I do (or even/especially if you don’t think you like it) then you’ll want to check out The Guardian’s post on how to make the perfect muesli. Have a good day!

SONY DSC Nv1MviReGLQ64E-640mScreen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.26.09 AM vscocam-photo-3-24 images via seasalt with food / buddy’s nut butters / cahmun / nutrition stripped / cook republic / alexandra cooks



sydney travel guideI officially love Sydney. It’s this amazingly beautiful, vibrant city, with tons of fantastic restaurants, delicious coffee, great views and really really nice people, all perched along a beautiful harbor. It’s like the best parts of Santa Monica, San Francisco and Vancouver (three of my favorite cities) all rolled into one – but even better, if that’s possible. It’s very outdoorsy yet there’s still a really great nightlife scene, and there’s tons to see and do yet a lot of it is very walkable. I really think I’d be quite happy to live there!

The only thing that made leaving bearable (I’m only exaggerating a little, it was hard to leave) was that we’re now in gorgeous Byron Bay, and that we stopped in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine region on our way up here. Basically, Australia is just very beautiful everywhere you go.

I took quite a few photos of Sydney and while my photography isn’t great (I’m working on it), I think it gives you a bit of a glimpse into the city and some of the things we did, saw, and ate. Scroll down to check them out and then read my tips at the bottom…

bridge climb sydneyPicMonkey CollageIMG_2573 PicMonkey CollageIMG_2398PicMonkey CollageIMG_2457PicMonkey Collage 1PicMonkey Collage

STAY: We stayed at the Establishment Hotel, which I’d highly recommend. The rooms are quite spacious and the property is very central and very trendy (but in a good way). There are quite a few bars and restaurants on the property, with Establishment Bar and Mr. Wong’s restaurant being the most popular

EAT/DRINK: Brunch is very popular in Sydney; Bills is an institution (the corn fritters are their specialty), and Shenkin was also very good. We ate at the hotel’s restaurant Mr. Wong which had inventive Chinese food one night, and Saké for fresh and delicious Japanese another. Marlowe’s Way, a very popular little coffee shop/café that we stumbled upon served the best coffee and had really great muesli and breakfast sandwiches. Gumption was another great coffee shop. We didn’t do much ‘going out’, but we did pop into Australia Bar for a beer one afternoon, and had pre-dinner cocktails at Argyle, a fun lounge that turns into a nightclub once the sun goes down. The Winery is a really great spot with lots of outdoor seating for lunch or to spend an evening, and Opera Bar serves great cocktails and snacks alongside the harbour and has a great view of the Opera House.

DO/SEE: We went to the zoo one afternoon which was great, but even just the short ferry ride to get there was pretty neat as it offered really great views of the city. We also did the Bridge Climb which I’d highly recommend (it’s a bit pricey, but worth it). Something that is a must do is the walk from the Bondi Icebergs to the Coogee Pavillion, where you should stop for a drink or lunch. As for shopping, Oxford Street was great for local Australian designers and smaller boutiques, while the Queen Victoria Building had more well known brands and is a very beautiful building.



-Happy Friday! I hope that your weekend starts out looking like the above. Wouldn’t that be nice? We have one more full day here in Sydney and I’m hoping to get quite a bit more sightseeing (and eating) in. Did you see that we did the Bridge Climb? Such a cool experience. Have a good day and weekend!

-You’ll want to read this: Five Things We Can Learn About Lunch From the French. They just do everything right, don’t they?

-I saw this dress in person the other day, and it is stunning. It would be perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding – it’s brighter in person!

-Five more tips, this time on how to plan a great roadtrip

-Quite a few of these are already on my bucket list, and I think I might just have to add the rest: Restaurants Worth Traveling For, and How to Get a Reservation

-If you like looking at celebrity real estate (who doesn’t?) then you’ll want to check out Robert DeNiro’s eclectic and massive West Village house that’s up for sale

-Mad Men is known for having a pretty great soundtrack, and this playlist has every ‘last song’ on it from each episode over the last few seasons. Neat hey?

-Have you ever used Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir? I swear by it – it really helps you feel more awake and refreshed, which is perfect for me right now as I’m definitely fighting jetlag still

-Now this is neat – Ernest Hemingway’s home in Cuba. I’d love to visit!

-Ten Classic Cocktail Terms Everyone Should Know, via Domaine

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aje australia fashionI’ve just spent my first full day here in Sydney (it’s 7:30 pm right now and I’m fighting to stay awake…it’s 2:30 in the morning LA time, which is extremely late for someone who usually goes to bed at 9:30!) and so far I absolutely love it. Everyone is so friendly, the city is incredibly beautiful, the food is amazing, the Australian wine is delicious, and the fashion and shopping is seriously good.

There are tons of really talented Australian designers (you probably know of Zimmermann, Sass & Bide and Camilla and Marc) but one that was new to me is Aje. I spotted this pretty dress in the window of one of their shops which is what pulled me in initially, and the rest of the collection was equally as exciting. Plenty of gorgeous prints and patterns, great fabrics and really beautiful, unique designs. I wanted one of everything!

Sadly, I don’t think we can get this brand in the States yet (though my fingers are crossed) but in the meantime you can follow along on their instagram for inspiration…
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