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IMG_8953Happy Monday! I’m currently in London and wanted to post some photos from the trip so far but I seem to have forgotten the cord to upload photos. I guess I had to forget something. I had taken these photos a few weekends ago at the farmer’s market so I figured I may as well share them – better than nothing, right?

The Pacific Palisades Farmers Market is a particularly good one and luckily for us its within walking distance of our house, so it’s become a bit of a Sunday tradition to go. I love to stock up on fruits and veg but what I really go for are the flowers. There is always an amazing selection are they’re typically priced very fairly. I’m by no means an expert, but I really like to arrange my own flowers – I find it kind of therapeutic! I typically buy two different types of flowers in complementary colors and add in some greenery like eucalyptus (though that wheat would be cool for a fall arrangement) to round it out and make the arrangement feel a little more organic and loose. Do you ever make your own arrangements?

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the cross

IMG_9051 I mentioned decor shop/design studio hybrid The Cross a bit in my Vancouver Photo Diary the other day, but I decided that it really deserves its own post. Partly just because I loved it so much but also because I took about a zillion photos. I couldn’t help myself! Once you scroll down you’ll understand why. I had read about the shop in magazines and heard about it from my mom and girlfriends but hadn’t actually been to it until my most recent trip to Vancouver. It’s an enormous space (8,000 square feet!) full of beautifully styled decor and a major source of inspiration.

I honestly want to move in, and may or may not have visited twice in the same day which is a little weird, I know, but it’s that good. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live in Vancouver as I’m pretty sure I would go broke – I wanted to buy just about everything. Sadly, I didn’t have much room in my carryon bag so I settled for just a few pretty Christmas tree ornaments, which I can’t wait to put to use. Have you been? If you’re headed to Vancouver anytime soon, promise me you’ll stop by.

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vancouver photo diary

IMG_9308I spent last weekend in Vancouver visiting friends, exploring, and eating a ton of really great food. It was sunny and gorgeous the entire time I was there which was a major bonus – if you’ve ever spent any time in the city then you know it’s one of the most vibrant, exciting cities in the world but that it rains a lot. Here are a few pictures from the trip…

IMG_9049I finally visited The Cross, which is an absolutely amazing design shop filled with beautiful things. I wanted to move in.
IMG_9112 IMG_9126 The above photos are from my new favorite restaurant, Homer Street Cafe. It’s like a chic Parisian bistro and serves seriously delicious food. I wasn’t sure about ordering chicken and potatoes for lunch as it seemed a little heavy but I’m sure glad I did, as it was amazing. If you’re in Vancouver, visit The Cross first and then come by here for lunch! IMG_9153IMG_9135Mmmm brunch at Cafe Medina. I had heard about this place from a chef that I met a few weeks ago and it was as delicious as I expected. They’re known for their waffles which come with inventive and delicious sauces like peach bourbon butterscotch, milk chocolate lavender and white chocolate pistachio rosewater. We ordered a few to share, plus some appetizers (mascarpone with black pepper honey and their olive tapenade) plus our mains. For breakfast! We rolled ourselves out of there and did some much needed walking and shopping.  IMG_9177 FullSizeRender (1)IMG_9189This really neat shop housing vintage finds and well edited new pieces opened on Robston Street (a main shopping district in Vancouver) relatively recently and I always find something great whenever I stop in. This time I got a metallic sixties looking tank top which just needs a tiny bit of tailoring for only $14. Hopefully it works out, and I’ll share it on the blog! We also really loved their amazing wall of sunglasses.
IMG_9209 IMG_9219 For my final brunch in Vancouver we ate at Heirloom, a sunny vegetarian restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle of West Granville Street, a shopping area with lots of great design stores. Everything was delicious (the best part of eating with your closest friends is that you get to sample everyone’s food!) and fresh, and something healthy was exactly what we needed after quite a few late nights and lots of rich food.IMG_9224IMG_9228 IMG_9236 IMG_9246 IMG_9253 IMG_9258 IMG_9262 IMG_9268IMG_9278IMG_9276 IMG_9299 IMG_9307 IMG_9326IMG_9347this is my friend Jon with me, not just some random guy staring. Not sure why he was wearing shorts though, it was freezing!

Our final stop before I headed to the airport was Granville Island. I love Granville Island, and if you go then you will too; It’s a must stop when in Vancouver. It’s a little island (duh) shopping district featuring artisanal crafts, locally made goods and a few really great restaurants (I love Sand Bar). The best part though is the market, which is an expansive space with produce, gourmet food stalls, flowers and treats. My friend Wendy bought beautiful looking handmade pastas and Katie did some shopping for fruits and veg. Isn’t that so much better than a grocery store? If I lived in Vancouver I think I’d go there weekly just to wander around and take it all in.

Restaurants that we visited but didn’t get the chance to take photos of but deserve mention because they were so delicious are 6 Acres, Rodney’s Oyster House, Tuc and Cardero’s. Now that I think about it I really did just eat my way through the city, which is just the way I like it. Overall it was such a great trip and I can’t wait to go back!

Joan’s on Third

Joans-3A few days ago Amy and I met for an early midweek breakfast at one of my favorite spots in the city, Joan’s on Third. It was such a nice way to start the day, and a great way to break up the week. Plus, we were able to beat the morning traffic and get easy parking spots, which you’ll know is no small feat if you’ve ever been to Joan’s on Third.

If you haven’t been to Joan’s, then please write it down in your notebook or in your phone and promise me you’ll go next time you visit LA. It houses a gourmet marketplace selling beautifully packaged and difficult to find international goodies, has an amazing cheese selection, tons of house-made treats and things that make perfect edible gifts, and is a full service restaurant and coffee bar. It’s the perfect place to go whether you’re in the mood for a sit down meal or just want to pick up a quick sandwich for lunch or a prepackaged soup to take home for dinner.

Whenever I’m on that side of town and have a bit of time to kill between meetings or before heading home (and I can find parking) then I love to stop by for a quick snack or to pick up one of their dips and a fresh baguette…which I try not to eat in the car on the way home, but it’s been known to happen. They recently opened up another location after many years, and I’m holding out hope that they open up one closer to my house on the other side of town. Hint hint, Joan, if you’re reading!

Joans-6Joans-4Joans-8 Joans-9 Joans-5 Joans-1Joans-10 Joans-8Joans-2vintage chanel bag c/o rice and beans vintage / frame denim jeans / zara jacket (old) / j.crew button down / leopard flats

images by Amy Bartlam


180822If it’s possible to fall in love with a hotel, I just did. I just spent nearly an hour poring over images of and information on The Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrada, which is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. Doesn’t it just look like a dream? Wait until you scroll down…there are hot pink blankets on the bed, zebra upholstered chairs and fireplaces galore – not to mention the incredible setting.

I’ve never been to Peru, but a girlfriend and I are floating travel ideas (I am pretty much always dreaming about travel, are you?) and are sort of considering Peru. Granted, our trip would probably include a Macchu Pichu hike and would lean more towards Air BnB than luxury hotels, but maybe we could figure out a way to visit this spot for just a night or two – we’d need to relax after all that hiking!

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