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Lavender Marcona Almonds at Rustic Canyon - Chef Jeremy Fox - Photo Credit Rick Poon

They serve these Lavender Almonds at a few of my favorite restaurants on the Westside and they are delicious. I order them every time I go to Esters (that gorgeous wine bar I blogged about), which is quite a bit. They’d be the perfect little snack to put out at any upcoming holiday get togethers, so I reached out to the restaurant group begging for a recipe, and luckily enough, they obliged!

Here’s the very simple recipe for Chef Jeremy Fox’s Lavender Almonds. This is for quite a big batch so you could halve or even quarter it, though trust me you’ll probably want the whole amount:

– Roast 1lb Marcona almonds in a 300F oven for 15 minutes

– After the almonds have cooled to room temperature, toss all ingredients (below) together and serve:

-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 5 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp fine sea salt, 1 tbsp ground dried lavender

where to buy art online

where to buy art online

clockwise from top left

Berthe Morisot print $59.99 / framed vintage fashion illustration $650 / lifeguard watercolor $100 / botanical photograph $30 / black and white abstract print $99  / pink and orange canvas original painting $309

I love looking at and buying art. I’ve never spent any money on a big ticket item and I definitely don’t have a ‘collection’ by any means, but I like the idea of slowly working on it by picking up vintage works from flea markets or buying prints of favorite paintings (that Berthe Morisot one above is on my wish list!). I overheard a lady at an antique store once telling her friend that she had been collecting vintage seascapes for years, and I just thought that was so cool, and probably a much better ‘investment’ than spending $100 or so on an article of clothing that likely wouldn’t be worn for very long.

While garage sales, flea markets, and galleries are obviously great resources, there are also a ton of great place to browse and buy art online. and One Kings Lane are great places to find famous prints, while Etsy and Saatchi Art offer tons of unique and original works. Other sites I like are Serena and Lily’s art section, and any of the museum websites (MoMa, The Met, etc). Even Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home often have really beautiful works that either are unique or at least look that way.

Have you bought much art online? Any other great shops that I should be checking out? I’d love to hear!

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Happy Friday, you guys! Any plans for the weekend? I’m going to a friend’s birthday party tonight, volunteering tomorrow (I’m in the Junior League, are any of you?) and then to dinner here tomorrow which I’m very excited about. Have a good one!

6 ‘fashion people’ on meeting their mentors. It’d be pretty cool/terrifying to have Anna Wintour as yours.

Veranda lists the 25 best museums. I’ve been to 12 of them!

8 iconic brands that have disappeared. I’m still a little sad about Blockbuster, though we always went to Canada’s version which was Rogers Video. It was always such fun to go to the shop and wander the aisles and beg my parents to buy some sort of treat…strange to think our children will never experience that!

-In honor of Paris Fashion Week, how to master French girl style.

What your fridge says about you. Mine says that we drink a lot of wine and that I need to throw away our leftovers!

-Did you see this video of the sorority girls taking nonstop photos of themselves at a baseball game? Some people are saying it’s a sad commentary or portrayal of how vapid and self involved people are nowaways, but The Cut argues that baseball is kind of boring anyways and they’re just having fun. I kind of agree but their picture taking is pretty excessive!

-Would you cross this terrifying looking bridge?

6 ways to rejuvenate yourself during your lunch break. Some are good ideas, some are strange (like where would you find a trampoline?). When I worked in an office I used to go for nice lunches by myself every once in a while. It was fun!

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pretty ponies

9f62d438637850b68f531785511aaa78I popped into J Crew the other day and spotted these pretty ponytail holders like the one below, which got me all inspired in the hair department, which ultimately led to Pinterest perusing, and finally to this post. I’m bad at doing my own hair. You? Mine is pretty wavy/curly and can get quite frizzy (especially if it’s humid, then I’m like Monica from Friends episode when they were in Hawaii!) so I tend to just put some sort of smoothing cream in it, air dry and hope for the best, or else I go to Dry Bar which is an expensive habit, but worth it to me since I can make it last a few days.

I wish I was the kind of girl who could do those amazing braids and interpret runway looks (like Amber), but unfortunately it’s just so not my thing. But ponytails! Ponytails I can get behind. There are a zillion tutorials out there, but I think I might just use that little J Crew thingie or play around myself to try to achieve one of these looks.

Thoughts? Are you into the fancy ponytail, or not so much?
pretty ponytailchic ponytail4ad9e5be12e48dcf4711f53097468a93how to chic ponytail hairstyle

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rolling greens

I stopped in at Rolling Greens on a whim the other day when I happened to be in West Hollywood. I hadn’t been to the floral and interiors shop in years, and I’m so happy that I finally visited again; the shop is seriously stunning. The airy, open space is filled to the brim with brightly colored flowers, gorgeous plants (and pretty vessels to put them in) all set among a beautifully curated selection of home goods, from books and pottery to mirrors and antiques. It’s the perfect place to stop in if you need a hostess gift or a little gardening help, and they also have an arrangement bar where their ‘baristas’ will help you create the perfect planted arrangement.

Do yourself a favor and pop in if you’re in the area, and then you can head to across the street to celebrate your newly discovered green thumb over something delicious at Stir Market. PS – if you do go, bring your mom. Doesn’t it seem like a place that any mom would love? I’m definitely going to bring mine when she visits in a few weeks!

chic rolling greens nursery los angeles

rolling greens nursery

rolling greens beverly


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