Sixties Inspired Editorial

1c936a018d88b871d4e9f5e36e840b03 I recently came across this quirky sixties inspired photoshoot and wanted to share it. I don’t even know how I found it – I think I had clicked through from one blog to another which took me to a random art site and then I somehow ended up looking at these images. That happens to me just about everyday, though usually I end up just taking a Buzzfeed quiz on whether or not I’m living in the correct city or accidentally online shopping. But every once in a while I find something interested while distractedly browsing, like this fun shoot!

Aren’t the images interesting? I love the clothes and want to move right into this glamorous house. I’m not so fond of the hair, but it kind of works on her, doesn’t it? Maybe if you’re tall and blond and have great cheekbones you can (almost) get away with a bowl cut…

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IMG-12 (2)A few weeks ago my mom and I popped by Fleurish, a recently opened flower studio in Brentwood. It’s such a neat concept; you can go into the shop and select your own blooms to create a bouquet, take a floral arranging class, or simply purchase a pre-made bouquet that’s way nicer than anything you can get at the grocery store, but not much more expensive.

I personally love to arrange flowers, but I hate the mess that comes along with it; I always end up with dirty stems and leaves all over my counter, flower food spilled on the floor and usually a few cuts on my fingers. At Fleurish they take care of all of this by setting you up with a workspace, an apron and various tools, like a ‘thorn remover’ for roses which I didn’t know existed but is a really great invention. They also clean up everything for you and provide feedback and suggestions (if you want).

We decided to recreate one of their seasonal arrangements – the photo above is our (nearly) finished product. Pretty good, right? You can choose to copy their version, or add in different colors and items as you choose. We did ours pretty much exactly like their version as it was so pretty – my favorite part is the little pears which went on top. I would never (ever) think add those in on my own, but it makes the arrangement that much more special.

If you’re in LA, I highly suggest grabbing your girlfriends (or your mom!) and checking it out.

IMG-2 (7)

IMG-5 (7)IMG-6 (5) IMG-8 (5)IMG-14 (3) IMG-13 (1)shop the look:

IMG-16 (2)IMG-17 IMG-18IMG-19photos by Amy Bartlam

hostess gifts (that give back!)

gifts that give back

luggage tag / pitcher & glass / apron / cutting board / ombre coasters / kiehl’s gift set / holiday scented candle / fair trade coffee / blue and white floral platter / handmade rectangular tray / mortar and pestle / woven market bag

You’re probably thinking to yourself not another gift guide right about now, and I understand. It feels like every blog I look at and every magazine I open up has multiple guides and is trying to sell me something. But this is different, I swear! Each and every item on the list gives back in some way, from Toms with their one for one model to The Little Market which encourages and supports female artisans in developing countries – so you can feel good about yourself while finishing up your holiday shopping.

Which are your favorites? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I still have quite a bit to do, and I have a feeling I’ll be ordering quite a bit of the stuff from above as I don’t have much time to hit the shops. This is the first weekend I’ve been home in quite some time and it’s going to be pretty busy and festive. I have Justin’s work Christmas party tonight (I’m wearing this dress), Disney on Ice (my sister and I are taking her kids and I think I might be even more excited than they are) and a holiday dinner with friends tomorrow, and two events on Sunday. Whew! Tis the season, right?

Have a good weekend!

Chic (and warm) Coats


Top Shop toggle coat $170 / Aritzia army parka $295J.Crew parka $398 (30% off right now!) / Aritzia leopard coat $198 / Top Shop slouchy lilac coat $170 / J.Crew coat $365

Good morning! I’m in New York for a few days (Justin’s here for a conference and since I work from home and am obsessed with NYC, I’m tagging along) and it is cold – the kind of cold where your eyes water and it hurts your nose and you wish you had listened to your mom to always bring a scarf.

We just got in last night but on our way to dinner I noticed that the New Yorkers have figured out a way to look chic while staying warm; it involves lots of layering and really cute (but still warm and functional) outerwear. There are tons of great coats and jackets in the shops right now and the ones above are a few of my favorites. There are even cute parkas, which seems like it would be an oxymoron but isn’t; check out Aritzia’s parka section for proof, or take a look at this light pink version from J.Crew (which is 30% off right now with code MERRYMERRY). I’m very tempted to buy it but not sure if I would really get enough use out of it – unless maybe I could also wear it skiing? I’ll look into it.

I’m heading out to brave the cold, and hopefully do a little Will and Kate spotting. Hope you have a good day. Stay warm!

Columbia Road Flower Market

columbia road flower marketGet the look:

I swear we did more than just visit markets while we were in England, though Justin would probably beg to differ. That being said, Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning is a must visit. We grabbed a coffee from one of the little shops along the street before perusing the multiple flower, plant, and bulb stalls along the closed off lane. The vendors sell just about any colour and variety that you could want, and as you can imagine it’s a bit of a blogger’s dream. I’ve been trying to get better at taking photos after my photographer friend Amy gave me some tips, and this was a really fun place to practice!

IMG_9380 IMG_9386 IMG_9385IMG_9391 IMG_9402IMG_9408 IMG_9414 After walking through the market Justin and I had lunch at Brawn, an inventive farm to table restaurant with a delicious set menu on Sunday’s. We sat beside a British woman and her two incredibly well behaved young sons who happily ate everything presented to them (even the stuff that I found a little too weird) all the while speaking in the cutest accents. I’m convinced that we need to move to London when we have kids or at least have a British nanny.

Following lunch we wandered around a bit and checked out the various antiques shops lining and tucked behind Columbia Road, and then stumbled upon this incredibly cute bakery called Lily Vanilli. If I hadn’t just eaten Scotch eggs and paté I definitely would have gotten a slice of cake or one of those cute little cupcakes, but I settled for some tea and a few photos. All in all it was such a nice morning and even the relentless rain couldn’t put a damper (ha ha) on what a nice morning we had. Have you been before? Next time you’re in London promise me you’ll go (and have a cake for me at Lily Vanilli).

IMG_9424 IMG_9426 IMG_9374 IMG_9376IMG_9379

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