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I really like when other bloggers do sort of a link roundup at the end up the week with interesting things they’ve read or seen or bought, so I figured I would follow suit and see how it goes. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting?

  • The picture above is from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, a city I’d really like to visit. If/when I do go to Istanbul, I want to stay here. Stunning, right?
  • I’m planning to finished reading A Path Appears this weekend. It’s incredibly inspiring and I highly recommend it.
  • We’re planning to eat here this weekend, finally! I’ve been wanting to go for ages but it’s a bit of a trek. I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it!
  • I just ordered this Tory Burch tunic which I fell in love with a few weeks ago – I had been willing it go on sale but finally just ended up buying it rather than risk it selling out. I’m going to Cabo next week for a friend’s bachelorette party and I can’t wait to wear it!

girls love pearls


Ever since seeing Lupita Nyong’o’s amazing gown from Sunday night’s Oscars, I’ve had pearls on my mind. Pearls are so timeless and classic and while they’ve always been quietly popular, they’ve really been having a ‘moment’ in fashion for the past few seasons. Their latest bout of being in vogue started with these earrings from Dior with the large pearl that peeks out from the back of the ear and the smaller one at front, which you’ve seen on just about every celebrity and tons of bloggers. If you like the look of those then this pair from Bauble Bar is extremely similar looking and a fraction of the price.

Pearl embellished items have been popping up in a lot of the shops and while I probably wouldn’t go full out Lupita with the trend, I can definitely see myself carrying that pretty clutch (from Target!) or wearing this architectural looking cuff. If I didn’t think that Justin would be disown me then I would probably also buy the kitten hat (I can’t think of another descriptor) just because it’s so cute.

Thoughts? Like the trend, or will you just be sticking with your set of pearl earrings?

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IMG_0662I was in British Columbia last week, visiting friends in Vancouver and then snowboarding (or attempting to…there was almost no snow!) at Whistler. We did a lot of fun stuff and I figured I would share – I don’t have photos of every place that we ate since my photography skills aren’t good enough to take my camera out with me at night (plus it doesn’t fit in my purse). It rained quite a bit while I was in the city which it’s prone to do, but we made the most of it and just brought umbrellas everywhere. I really should have brought more rain-appropriate footwear since my poor Stuart Weitzman boots took quite a beating, but what can you do.

One of my best friends is pregnant so we spent quite a bit of time planning our meals and thinking about food, which was fine by me (and what I typically do anyways, but it was nice to have her as a scapegoat ;) ) My favorite place that we ate at was Miku, a sprawling Japanese restaurant right on the ocean. Their signature dish is their ‘Aburu Oshi’ sushi which is quickly flame seared and incredibly delicious – I had the sockeye salmon version which has jalapeno and whatever ‘miku sauce’ is. You can see the chef in action, below. It was really, really neat. I couldn’t stop taking photos!

A few more great spots that we ate at were the Vancouver Urban Winery, Local, Tacofino, Homer Street Cafe, and Medina. Vancouver has some seriously good food!

Aside from eating we did a bit of shopping in Gastown. I was excited to check out Kit + Ace, a new venture from the owners of Lululemon which sells extremely soft t-shirts and cozy items which they’ll monogram for you on site.  We also perused the interesting gift items and home goods at Orling and Wu and checked out extremely trendy fashion and accessories at A Secret Location. Every time I’m in Vancouver I like to stop by Granville Island to browse the stalls at the market, so we did that and then took one of the little ferries across the water back to downtown – you’ll see from the picture below that things got a little silly.

This post has started to drag on a bit hasn’t it, so I won’t continue on and bore you with any Whistler anecdotes except to say that it was such a fun time with great friends! IMG_0582 PicMonkey CollageIMG_0611-682x1024 PicMonkey CollageIMG_0626-682x1024IMG_0630 IMG_0654 IMG_0661-682x1024 IMG_0675 10948445_410824035758727_554402830_nWhistler IMG_0683 PicMonkey CollageIMG_0694-682x1024 IMG_0703


NYFW-Street-Day7-1 All of the fashion week street style pictures are in (the best part of NYFW, in my opinion) and everyone looks…cold. Apparently the temperatures dropped way below zero which even I probably wouldn’t go outside in, and I went to university in Calgary! I give major props to anyone who manages to look put together and chic in extremely low temperatures, because I would probably have just not left the house, or done so wearing a giant parka.

Actually, speaking of parkas, I just got this one from The North Face, which is incredibly warm and perfect for both skiing and frigid days in the city. So that’s probably what I’d wear, but maybe with a pair of fun boots or heels – though probably not, because there’s nothing worse than freezing, uncomfortable feet. Am I 100 years old?!

Luckily for us, these fashion show goers didn’t just wear down jackets and UGG boots, so now we have some pretty images and cold weather styling inspiration to look at…

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patina farm

ver020115giannetti08I meant to post pictures from last week’s trip to Whistler and Vancouver, but I had a bunch of work to do this morning and got a little sidetracked. One of the things that sidetracked me was doing some planning for a trip that I’m taking to Ojai next weekend with some girlfriends. We’re staying at one of my favorite hotels, the Ojai Valley Inn (where Justin and I got engaged!) and I couldn’t be more excited. While searching for some fun stuff to do while we’re there, I came across the absolutely stunning home (it’s name is actually Patina Farm, which you’ll see is very fitting once you look at the rest of the photos) of Brooke Giannetti, an interior designer and the blogger behind Velvet and Linen.

You guys – I want to move in, and you will too. I think it might be the most perfect house I’ve ever seen. Every once in a while I fantasize about living on a farm in the countryside with some land and horses (though I can’t ride very well and definitely don’t know how to care for them), but typically come back to reality when I realize that I love being near shops and restaurants and that I really like the buzz of LA…but this farm, I could do. Ojai is less than two hours from LA, though I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. If you are as enamored/obsessed with this house as I am, Brooke and her architect husband Steve have written a book called Patina Style which you can get here. I just ordered my copy!

PicMonkey Collagever020115giannetti12ver020115giannetti06ver020115giannetti030376069f1024ff6f4cc5ee8542c9e395 PicMonkey Collage2f8ec9a4c46cd2461e2c813fd77edab7Get the look:

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