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A (very) random assortment of things I’m currently loving, from a Matisse inspired painter to a very delicious sparking soda…

1. I’m a little bit obsessed with this fabric from British textile designer Penny Morrison, and really want to make a large bolster pillow for my bed with it. A few Etsy shops sell pillows using her fabrics if you end up loving her designs as much as I do!

2. The Go Between. I just ordered this book and am really looking forward to reading it. I can’t remember where I saw it recommended but it sounds like such an interesting story – I’ll report back.

3. Hudson Grace makes the most gorgeous, well, everything, but these oversized linen napkins are particularly great. I have them in pink.

4. Ahh this shoe. I wore a similar heeled version as my wedding shoe but I just love this flat since it’s a tiny bit more practical (although very expensive for a shoe). I’d pair it with distressed denim to tone down the fancy a little bit.

5. Veronica Beard has been on a roll lately. I have a few pairs of their pants and have tried on their shirts and dresses in shop, and am happy to report that their tailoring and craftsmanship is on point. I really love this dress and think it’d be such a cute Spring wardrobe addition – I’m just hoping it’ll go on sale!

6. I’ve tried every flavor of Spindrift and think that the Blackberry is the best one. If you’re not familiar, they’re similar to La Croix but contain actual bits of fruit which make them taste a thousand times better, while still being super refreshing and low in calories. You can search on their site to see if they’re available in the grocery stores near you.

7. Wayne Pate is a New York based artist and seems to be all the rage right now. I first read about him a few years ago in a magazine, and was re-reminded of him when a client bought one of his pieces a few months ago. His work is so interesting and ranges from abstract black and white drawings to whimsical, colorful paintings. You can buy his prints on One Kings Lane and on his site.

8. My friend Kirsty is the designer behind Retrouvai, the most gorgeous LA based jewelry line. Her brand motto is to create modern heirlooms which is such a neat sentiment and one that her current line captures perfectly. I’d definitely keep this ring to pass on to my daughter one day.

Book Club: 32 Yolks


I’m just about finished reading 32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new to read. I know that I probably can’t completely judge the book until I’m through it, but I’m confident that the last few pages will be as interesting as the ones I’ve already read. 32 Yolks is Eric Ripert’s story of how his unhappy childhood in a small town in France helped shape and guide him into becoming the three Michelin starred chef that he is today.

The book shows in detail how much hard work and determination it takes to become a great chef, from the grueling 18 hour days in a hot, cramped kitchen with a screaming French chef to the hundreds of hours of practice to get just one knife skill perfected. I can’t imagine being able to handle the pressure and abuse (emotional and physical – things were crazy in kitchens back then!) but it goes to show you how much passion Ripert has for cooking that it was worth it to deal with some pretty horrible situations. If you like food and biographies, pick this one up 🙂

juniper books

PKJA6-front-1200Have you heard of Juniper Books? It’s the neatest bespoke book company; you can order just about any book from classic Charles Dickens, to The Old Testament, to the latest coffee table books, all with the jacket done in any color or image or you like. My favorite options on the site are their beautifully illustrated collections of books; how sweet would this Anne of Green Gables set be in a little girl’s room, and wouldn’t this collection of cook books be perfect in a kitchen? The company also curates entire libraries for hotels, retail stores and private homes – you can check out some of their work, here.

I’ve been a fan of the site for quite some time but the reason I’m writing about it now is that I saw this morning that quite a few of their sets are current available on One Kings Lane! The books are marked down for the OKL sale, so now’s the time to get a jump on any upcoming gift giving occasions, or to buy yourself a little something – I have my eye on this gorgeous set of Hemingway novels. Something that my parents instilled in me from a young age is that there’s nothing wrong with spending money on books, and if they just so happen to be beautiful, even better, right? Let me know if you end up buying anything!

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