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One of my favorite places to visit in Los Angeles is Rolling Greens. The nursery/shop hybrid  has two locations in the city, one in Beverly Hills which I actually posted about before here, and the other perched atop a hill in Culver City. I stopped by the Culver City location a couple of weeks ago to pick up something for a client but ended up staying for way longer than I meant to, just looking at all of the gorgeous plants and trees and flowers and imagining what my dream future garden would look like. I can and often do easily spend more than an hour here, and usually leave with a couple of pretty little plants or tchotchkes and a lot of inspiration.

The people that work at Rolling Greens are all incredibly helpful and knowledgeable which is a bonus. I feel like at some nurseries the employees don’t know much about plants and whether they’ll work in certain areas, what size pot a plant will need or whether something needs to be watered every day. I know that I can always tell them what I’m looking for and be honest about how bad my track record tends to be with plants, and they’ll always steer me towards something that doesn’t need a ton of attention to flourish. Some day I’ll have the attention span to actually pay attention to an entire garden and help things grow but I know myself and know that I basically just want something pretty that doesn’t require too much thought.

If you’re ever in LA you should stop by either of their stores even just for a browse – I bet you’ll love them.


bujera fort hotel

Morning! I wanted to share some photos of Bujera Fort hotel in Udaipur, India today even though I couldn’t exactly find the best photos of it online. I read about the hotel in House & Garden magazine the other day and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. The owners, Richard Hanlon and Trish McFarlane are two mostly retired Brits who started out looking for a part time home in India after falling in love with the country during a vacation in the seventies, and ended up purchasing and running this chic little boutique hotel in a quiet village twenty minutes outside of Udaipur.

I just think stories like that are so neat, don’t you? When people just sort of up and start a new life and figure it out along the way. In the article that I read they spent a few days with Richard (an interior decorator by trade) as he navigated the bustling markets and discussed his new life in India and his strict policy of locally sourcing as much produce, textiles, and furnishings as possible. India has always been in the back of my mind as somewhere that’d be amazing to visit one day, but after reading about this hotel I’ve moved it up my bucket list a few notches 🙂

Pick up the issue if you happen upon it, and here’s a link to another interview with Richard if you’re interested. 


I’ve been in love with the above image for a couple of years, but only recently learned the background of the gorgeous chintz fabric used on the sofa and in the various images I’ve been hoarding that are now posted below. The original fabric is a 19th century print which was discovered by John Fowler of storied British textile company Colefax & Fowler at historic Bowood House in the mid twentieth century, and Fowler’s reinterpretation of the print (appropriately called ‘Bowood’) has been a staple of the company ever since.

The print is available as both a fabric and a wallpaper and is available in two color ways, but my favorite is definitely the grey and green. I just think there’s something so timeless and easy about the print – I think it’s that it’s not done in particularly feminine colors like a lot of florals are, and also the large scale nature of the print that makes it feel more modern.

The above photo is actually part of a seriously amazing home tour that you should check out; designer Justine Cushing used the fabric in virtually every room in her Hamptons home and the effect is so beautiful. It definitely takes guts to go all out like that, don’t you think? Below are a few more examples of the print in use. My dream is to one day have a client that wants a whole room done in the print – if you know of anyone in LA who would be interested, send them my way 😉

isn’t that bedroom above on the right just the prettiest room you’ve ever seen? Love. If you feel like you need a little Bowood in your life then check out this shop on Etsy, she sells Bowood print pillows in all different sizes.

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