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Joie Jemima boot (on major sale) / Gap trench coat / The Row t shirt / Rag & Bone jeans / Aritzia scarf / Maison Scotch hat

The weather has finally cooled down here enough to wear a light jacket during the day and a heavier one at night, which is very exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice weather and living by the beach but sometimes you just need a change, you know? I actually think I almost like the beach more when it’s not super hot – I love bundling up and sitting on the sand with a cozy blanket at sunset, or taking Penny for a nice long walk without worrying about her overheating or me getting a sunburn. I have a feeling I’ll change my tune if it stays grey and rainy for very long, but for now that’s how I feel 🙂

I’ve had this Gap trench coat for years, and I have to say it’s probably one of my favorite purchases since it gets quite a bit of wear and is such a classic. I think if I lived somewhere where it really did rain a ton like Vancouver or London I would consider ‘investing’ in a timeless Burberry trench, but I have to say that this one looks pretty good after all these years and is (just about) as chic. I’m off to take Penny for a little walk along the strand where these pictures were taken before heading to work – we’re just about finished with a big project and it’s exciting to see everything finally coming together.

Have a good day!

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nyfw street style

810 I really love looking over all of the street style images from the various Fashion Weeks, but New York tends to be my favorite. It’s the kickoff to the monthlong event and I feel like everyone really steps up to the (fashion) plate and make such an effort to look chic. That being said, I don’t like the outfits where it’s obvious that the girl got dressed for the sole purpose of being photographed (unrealistically high heels, way too many trends going on at once, etc). I tend to favor the photos of women who wear classic styles but put their own personal twist on it, but I also love those wackier looks so long as the wearer looks comfortable with themselves and their personal style.

Here are a few of my favorites from the hundreds of great outfit photos from outside the shows; it seems like matching separates are still a thing, as are structural blouses (this one from Johanna Ortiz is a great way to get in on the trend), raw edge denim (on the waistband or hem), any and all skirts, and wearing things like glittery shoes, velvet, and brocade during the day by pairing them with more casual pieces.
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fall fashion: opulent and decadent

brocadeI’m officially excited for fall. It’s a bit hard to get too gung-ho about winter coats and over the knee boots when living by the beach in LA, but after browsing the various September issues (although I actually haven’t even read Vogue’s yet, I better get on it!) I’m ready to put away my swimsuits and sandals and pull out my sweaters and hats.

The trend I’m most looking forward to for the season is all out luxe in the form of velvet, silk, brocade and organza. The Edit’s latest issue talks all about this decadent way of dressing and has some great tips on how to achieve the look without going overboard, for example dressing down sequins or billowing tops with a pair of jeans, or sticking to a statement coat but keeping the rest of the look simple (like the chic girl in the picture above).

An embellished top like this one from Needle & Thread is a good way to ease into the trend, and this cute clutch is a great way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit without having to commit too much time of effort (or money, it’s only $24). I already own a vintage jacket sort of similar to Sienna Miller’s green one below, and I’m pretty excited to bring that out once the temperatures start to drop a little. I’m also planning to purchase this fun metallic skirt, though I’d pair it with a simpler top than they have on the model.

Thoughts? Are you into this look, or do you prefer a simpler fall style?


chic straw bags

Boden3_EL_1mar13_pr_b_592x888 If there’s one thing that just screams summer, it’s the quintessential straw tote. They’re perfect for the farmers’ market and the beach, but I think they can also replace your normal handbag for a chic city look (a la Jane Birkin), so long as you switch out your coverup for something a bit more tailored. There are so many amazing options out there right now; J.Crew has a classic version, this Kayu tote with colorful details is super fun, and this great textured one is pretty ideal. Tory Burch always come out with a great straw tote each season, and this years is no exception (I’m planning to wait until it goes on sale – I understand that it’s handwoven, but close to $500 for a straw tote is a little crazy).

I have two or three straw bags already, but they’re all getting a little raggedy and worn looking so I’m in the market for a new one. We are heading to France tomorrow (!!) and my plan is to find the perfect one in some small little market somewhere, so wish me luck. If i don’t then I think it’ll be that J.Crew one for me.

Have a good day!

  the best straw tote bagsOlivia-Palermo-Straw-Tote-Summer-White-Dress-e1431907699278 d65839f11655c3d0ccc8579350a4d51f chic straw tote bag

all images via pinterest

tea and a cozy sweater

IMG-5 (16) theory cardigan / rag and bone jeans / the row t shirt / christian louboutin heels (old)

I’ve been wearing this Theory sweater pretty much nonstop since the second I tried it on in the store. It’s the perfect thing for late Spring weather – it’s lightweight yet cozy for days when it’s warm one minute and chilly the next, and incredibly comfortable. When I was in England last week I literally wore it every single day since it was freezing there and this sweater was the only remotely warm thing I had, but I was okay with it since I love it so much!

This is an outfit I wore the other day to meet Amy at Alfred Tea, the sweetest little tea shop that just opened in West Hollywood off of chic shopping street Melrose Place. If you live here or are ever visiting LA, you should definitely plan to pop in for a tea or a snack to see how cute Alfred Tea is. (I was there again yesterday actually, if you follow me on snapchat at w.cosgrave you would have seen a little glimpse into the pretty pink decor and their delicious looking snacks and treats).

My favorite kind of outfit is one that’s simple and easy to wear, but with a fun accessory or two mixed in like my bright suede sandals. I know that wearing tall strappy shoes doesn’t make sense if you’re running around for work or going to be doing a lot of walking, but if I know my plans for the day don’t include being on my feet for too long then I like to wear a fun pair of shoes with an otherwise casual outfit. I don’t really believe in saving nice things for ‘special’ occasions only…life’s a special occasion, right?

Happy Wednesday : )

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images by amy bartlam photography

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