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charlotte chesnais jewelryI have a new favorite jewelry designer. Have you heard of Charlotte Chesnais? I just discovered her beautiful, sculptural designs the other day while browsing at The Line (where of course they would carry a super chic, under the radar French jewelry designer). This is the pair of earrings that I fell for in the shop; they’re somehow both simple and ornate at the same time, and are so delicate and beautiful in person. I don’t wear much jewelry besides my wedding rings, but I do tend to find myself drawn towards a great pair of earrings or a pretty ring, and now pretty much everything in Chesnais’ current line.

Chesnais got her start working under Nicholas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, where she designed jewelry for the brand before launching her debut collection early last year. Her jewelry is designed and handmade in Paris, and is available in the US online at places like Matches, Net a Porter and The Line.

A few of my favorite pieces are below:

chic straw hats

7ff650edc4f20e710ac3cb031b3df27b I’ve been on the hunt for a great straw hat for the last couple of weeks. I have a few that I can toss on before heading out the door to the beach to keep covered up a bit, but they’re more practical than chic, and not exactly something I’d wear out and about. So that’s the kind of hat I’m in the market for; one that looks good enough to wear when out doing errands or to pack for checking out the sights on vacation. Since I’m leaving for Greece on Thursday (!) I spent this morning doing a little hat recon and wanted to share my findings in case you’re in the same boat.

J.Crew always has a couple of good hat options, and their classically styled Panama hat is what I’m leaning toward, though this raffia hat is pretty great as well and would look so cute with cut offs and a tunic. Madewell makes a pretty great hat as well, which is classified as ‘packable’, which is a bonus since not crushing a hat in your suitcase can be tough (I’ve found you either have to just wear it on the plane or else fold something inside of it to help keep it’s shape and try not to put anything to heavy on top). For something a little more funky (though less practical) there’s Eugenia Kim’s popular ‘Wish You Were Here’ sun hat.

Let me know if there are any amazing hats out there that I should buy for my trip instead of the J.Crew one – I’d love suggestions!

best straw hata few of my favorites: 

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The Best Soft Lace Bra


hanky panky braI don’t talk about underwear around here very often, but I felt like this was something I had to share. I just discovered that soft lace bras are the best thing ever. I know that people have been wearing them for years but I kind of thought they were either a hippy-dippy thing, or that girls only wore them to show them off under tiny Coachella outfits. While I think both of those things are probably true, I realized the reason they’ve become so popular; they are insanely comfortable, very pretty, and do provide a touch of support.

The exact bra I’m particularly obsessed with is Hanky Panky’s Signature Stretch Lace Soft Bra. It’s cut low enough that it won’t peek out under most shirts, the straps are thin and simply made of elastic (good if you’re like me and not really out to show people your bra) and I know I already said it but wow is it ever comfortable. I realize that if you have a super large bust that these probably won’t work for you and I’m sorry, but if you’re small to medium sized then honestly do yourself a favor and buy one. You can thank me later! Have a good day 🙂

shop my favorite bra here, and a few other things I love from Hanky Panky are below:

my new favorite dress…

Good morning, you guys. We are officially moving today; the moving truck should be here in a few hours and I’m currently sitting in bed, sending a few emails and getting my to-do list in order for the day/wishing that I hadn’t packed up my coffee maker. I’m looking forward to getting settled into the new place and to start exploring the neighborhood and establishing a new routine. Manhattan Beach isn’t all that far away in reality (thirty minutes from where we live now) but I’ve lived within a a five mile radius on the Westside since I moved to LA after college so it’s going to feel pretty different. I’m excited!

Before I go do one last load of laundry and finish cleaning up, I wanted to share these photos that Amy and I took the other day after we grabbed tea at my new favorite restaurant in Venice, The Butcher’s Daughter. This grey Spendid dress is pretty much the best thing I own, and I’ve been wearing it nonstop – it’s so comfortable, it’s like wearing pajamas. I’ve been pairing the dress with my trusty Tretorns for an easy, on trend look that’s perfect for running around town doing work errands and is especially perfect for when you don’t have time to think about what to wear. Actually, I wish I hadn’t packed it so I could throw it on today. Darn.

Have a good one, and wish me luck!

grey splendid dress

photos by Amy Bartlam

Springtime Florals

blue floral dress saloni dress / aquazzura sandal / august clutch / celine sunglasses / alexis bittar ring (similar)

This floral dress is the first ‘Spring-y’ item that I’ve bought so far this season, and I absolutely love it. I actually ordered the dress last summer from a Moda Operandi trunkshow – have you ever bought anything from them? It’s a really neat concept, though I can’t decide whether waiting months to get an items is fun or just kind of annoying. It’s mostly fun, I think…it definitely makes it that much more exciting when the item actually arrives.

This dress is from London based Indian designer Saloni, who does really gorgeous prints and silhouettes. Princess Kate actually wore the brand the other day while in India, which makes me like it that much more since I’m a pretty big Princess Kate fan (but who isn’t?).

What have you bought for Spring so far, if anything? I got that white denim skirt I was talking about the other day, and a few new basic tees so far, and I think that might actually be all that I need. I’ve been trying to be more mindful with shopping and to buy fewer, better quality items instead of dozens of less that stellar pieces that get pushed to the back of my closet. I’ve been following a few bloggers who are doing the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge and it’s quite inspiring to see. I don’t know if I’ll ever be someone with a tiny capsule wardrobe (I like shopping and fashion too much!) but it’s an interesting concept and really makes you think about what items you actually need, and about this strange culture of constant consumerism that we live in (and that I’m definitely guilty of). Something to think about.

Have a happy Thursday : )

floral dress springsaloni dress IMG-3 (14) IMG-4 (14)

images by Amy Bartlam

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