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Joie Jemima boot (on major sale) / Gap trench coat / The Row t shirt / Rag & Bone jeans / Aritzia scarf / Maison Scotch hat

The weather has finally cooled down here enough to wear a light jacket during the day and a heavier one at night, which is very exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice weather and living by the beach but sometimes you just need a change, you know? I actually think I almost like the beach more when it’s not super hot – I love bundling up and sitting on the sand with a cozy blanket at sunset, or taking Penny for a nice long walk without worrying about her overheating or me getting a sunburn. I have a feeling I’ll change my tune if it stays grey and rainy for very long, but for now that’s how I feel 🙂

I’ve had this Gap trench coat for years, and I have to say it’s probably one of my favorite purchases since it gets quite a bit of wear and is such a classic. I think if I lived somewhere where it really did rain a ton like Vancouver or London I would consider ‘investing’ in a timeless Burberry trench, but I have to say that this one looks pretty good after all these years and is (just about) as chic. I’m off to take Penny for a little walk along the strand where these pictures were taken before heading to work – we’re just about finished with a big project and it’s exciting to see everything finally coming together.

Have a good day!

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the white denim skirt

558b0a99289c49fc470931b3506d44d6My prediction for the biggest trend this Spring is the white denim skirt. The blue denim skirt has been popular for the last few seasons (I rambled on about them here last summer) and I think that the white version’s time has come. There are so many chic options out there right now, from slightly distressed (like this J Brand one) to work appropriate pencil skirts (this one) to Frame’s version which is a bit of an in-between of the previous two; not too long, not to short, not to tight and not too loose. Just right. I actually ordered it the other day so hopefully it’s as cute on as it looks in the photos! If not, my backup plan is this button front one from J.Crew.

I like the white denim skirt because you can wear it with just about anything; you can tuck a silky blouse into it and put on a pair of pointy toed pumps for a dinner out (so long as the skirt isn’t too short or distressed or it could be tacky/Abercrombie circa 2003 looking) or pair it with a loose cotton t shirt and leather sandals for a casual Spring or Summer day. The denim skirt is just as wearable as denim shorts, but looks and feels more put together for days when you want to look a bit more polished.

Thoughts? I’ll let you know how the Frame one fits in case you’re interested in it too. Happy Thursday!

201604apr-wlwl-img1-mma few of my favorites:

E9803_DM0574_mhow to wear white denim skirtREVOLVE-Clothing-Spring-2016-Lookbook14 white denim skirt0c3926a5ee869e91ed83b8c3dc2be692

Finally Fall

jj9WvDn91tuIyPdWQIB1tA_Zsc0b-LAvSW1B4DxjtSs,XT8mEtYXSsGCc33cyw3UikcwOylSS52tPjd26HV4EZw j.crew jacket / jenni kayne plaid shirt / prada purse / frame denim jeans / joie over the knee boots 

I wore this outfit last week for a fun/busy day in Santa Monica. We had a photo shoot for Local, a restaurant that I helped Leslie with – it was so cool to see the finished product, and I can’t wait to eat there soon! I’ll share photos of the space soon, it’s really neat.

It was nice to finally be able to wear boots (I’m really obsessed with these ones, they’re the perfect fall boot) and a light jacket, though I’ll admit it did start to get a little warm since it is still the craziest warmest weather in LA…I just checked forecast and it’s supposed to be 88 on Halloween. Isn’t that nuts? Growing up in Canada we used to sometimes have to wear snowsuits over our costumes which is pretty funny, and very different. At least I’ve been able to get in lots of bundling and boot wearing for the past few days, as I was in Vancouver for the weekend and am heading home from Kelowna today. I should actually go get organized…have a good day!

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photos by Amy Bartlam

watch out

chic affordable watches1. Nixon $150 2. Tory Burch $895 3. Larsson and Jennings $385 (I have this watch and I love it) 4. Timex $65 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs $175 6. Shinola $575

I’ve always liked wearing a watch. My dad had a watch business when I was younger, and I remember poring over the catalogs and just marveling at the variety and sheer selection. I remember one Christmas when I was about seven my sister and I were allowed to choose any watch we wanted – anything! – and the one I chose was this enormous Nike one with interchangeable multicolored sweatbands. It sounds (and thinking about it, it was) pretty ugly now, but at the time I thought it was the coolest thing in the world…even though I wasn’t very athletic at all and had absolutely no need for a sweatband, let alone multiple of them as part of a watch. Luckily, my taste in watches has improved, and I now alternate between the above one from Larrson and Jennings, and a Timex.

Watches are obviously a nice accessory, but I gained a newfound appreciation for them after visiting a watch factory in Switzerland a few years ago and learning about the history or watchmaking and the artistry and technique that goes into crafting them.

Do you wear a watch? This is my dream watch, although I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable wearing it even if I could afford it!

Life in Chanel

When I was browsing the other day I came across these gorgeous images which capture classic Chanel bags as worn by actresses, models, and real (albeit very stylish) women alike. My love for the iconic brand is hardly a secret, and these pictures just deepened my devotion. From the time I was thirteen or so I became enamored with all things Chanel; I would hoard perfume samples (looking back now, no adolescent should smell like Chanel no. 5), cut out magazine ads (they replaced the Backstreet Boys on my walls and binder), and dream about the day I would own a Chanel purse. It might seem a bit frivolous to the uninitiated (or those who just don’t care) but Chanel to me, and to the millions of loyal fans throughout the decades, is more than just a brand or a purse. It signifies not only a classic, sophisticated elegance, but that you’ve “made it” – I like to ignore the fact that I spent my life savings and bought a vintage Chanel the instant I graduated college when I had most definitely not made it.
A lot of fashion is transient and trend turnover is high, but the classic Chanel bag is quite literally the only purse or item of clothing that retains its relevance and remains on the shoulders (or wish lists) of fashion lovers decade after decade. Just check out the above photos for proof! 
Now that I’m done waxing poetic on my Chanel obsession, here are a few of my current favorites available at vintage shops (in my opinion, the best place to buy Chanel…people really take care of their bags!), in case you happen to be in the market for a sartorial splurge:


 photo whitney.png

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