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the best mascara I love mascara. I’m not very good at doing anything else makeup-wise (I just bought my first liquid eyeliner ever about a week ago which isn’t going very well, and I don’t own a single eyeshadow) but mascara I get. I love that it instantly makes you look awake and more vibrant, and that you can create a ‘look’ with a single wand. You can use mascara to make it look like you’re wearing no makeup at all and just naturally have great lashes, or you can apply three coats and wriggle it at the base for a slightly smudged Brigitte Bardot look. I’ve tried quite a few brands over the years and these are my top 5 all time favorites:

1. My go-to mascara which I’ve been using for years is L’Oreal Voluminious, which is about $5 at the drugstore and provides major volume in just one or two swipes.

2. Another one I’ve been using for years, Full n Soft is also a drugstore cheapie but a goodie. It really is soft and buildable, and looks very natural. It’s been around for years, and with good reason. Great for daytime.

3. Diorshow Mascara has an obsessive cult following for a reason. It gives tons of volume, length and curl, but at a price. I buy this every once in a while.

4. I really like a lot of Benefit’s products, and this one is great. I’m not usually a fan of the strange wands that the makeup companies have come out with in the last few years (the old ones work just fine in my opinion) but They’re Real really lives up to its name and provides a false lashes effect quite quickly.

5. I love just about everything that celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury comes out with (I even wrote a blog post declaring my love for her brand) and her new Full Fat Lashes mascara exceeds my very high expectations. It’s worth the $29!

half up hair


I noticed that a ton of the girls in Sydney and Auckland were wearing their hair half up in a slightly messy, very cool way. I’ve always loved wearing my hair half up as I like it pulled back but don’t love how I look with it all the way up, but I tend to be lazy when it comes to doing my hair, and I usually revert to just doing a half ponytail and tucking it under. My sister recently mentioned that it looked like I had used the Topsy Tail (remember the Topsy Tail?) which was definitely not what I was going for, and is what got my started with searching for less 90’s versions of the look on Pinterest.

Some of these styles are a little more polished than others, but they all look so chic. I think the key is to just play around to see what works, and to not give it too much thought. That being said, one of these days I’d love to try a braided style like this one for a night out, or this Celtic knot if I somehow ever get the patience to attempt it.

Check out the rest of the photos for more hair inspiration…I’m off to give this one a try!

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charlotte tilbury eye cheatI’m one of those people that is easily roped into buying makeup and beauty products; if a salesgirl tells me something is amazing or if I read about something on a blog that I trust, I’m instantly sold, and usually disappointed. Cosmetics so rarely live up to their hype and promises – but not this time. I bought Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Cheat when I popped into Violet Grey a few weeks ago and have been obsessed (overused word, I know, but it’s how I feel!) with it ever since.

Eye Cheat is basically a thick kohl formula eyeliner in a nude shade that, when worn on the waterline of your eye, makes you look instantly brighter and more awake. It’s like a tiny little makeup miracle, I’m telling you. You can watch this tutorial on the Charlotte Tilbury website for more info on the formula and how it works – I find that the key is to apply the liner carefully so as not to get any on your lower lashes or else they look like you’ve put white mascara on, which isn’t a good look, though it’s easily fixable by adding a bit of mascara to cover it up. Have you tried Eye Cheat, or any of her products? I’ve heard that this moisturizer rivals Creme de la Mer, which is quite the compliment and really makes me want to try it.

Here are a few of my other favorites from the brand:

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