bujera fort hotel

Morning! I wanted to share some photos of Bujera Fort hotel in Udaipur, India today even though I couldn’t exactly find the best photos of it online. I read about the hotel in House & Garden magazine the other day and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. The owners, Richard Hanlon and Trish McFarlane are two mostly retired Brits who started out looking for a part time home in India after falling in love with the country during a vacation in the seventies, and ended up purchasing and running this chic little boutique hotel in a quiet village twenty minutes outside of Udaipur.

I just think stories like that are so neat, don’t you? When people just sort of up and start a new life and figure it out along the way. In the article that I read they spent a few days with Richard (an interior decorator by trade) as he navigated the bustling markets and discussed his new life in India and his strict policy of locally sourcing as much produce, textiles, and furnishings as possible. India has always been in the back of my mind as somewhere that’d be amazing to visit one day, but after reading about this hotel I’ve moved it up my bucket list a few notches 🙂

Pick up the issue if you happen upon it, and here’s a link to another interview with Richard if you’re interested. 

scenes from deer valley

A quick little post for today as I have to run out the door to get some stuff done for work…

A few weeks ago I tagged along with Justin on a work trip he had to take to Deer Valley and I’m so glad I did. I had heard great things about the Montage where we stayed and oh my gosh did it ever live up to the hype. Everything about the hotel is perfect, from the super cozy rooms complete with fireplaces and extra large bath tubs, to the five delicious restaurants, to the 35,000 square foot (seriously!) spa where I had the best massage of my life – it was also maybe the most expensive massage of my life but I think it was worth it.

At night there is live music and a s’mores bar, and even though I didn’t hit the slopes while I was there I heard that the skiing was wonderful. Honestly if you ever get the chance to visit this hotel even in the summer – go!

ojai getaway

A group of girls and I went up to Ojai for the weekend to celebrate our friend Tamara’s birthday, and we had such a good time. Ojai is such a special place – it’s this completely beautiful little town surrounded by mountains with orange and olive groves growing on them, and it has a casual hippie vibe to it. It’s so nice to have somewhere that feels so different from LA that’s just a little over an hour’s drive away.

We rented a house this time which was fun, though the last few times I’ve been there we’ve stayed at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa which is one of my favorite hotels. Justin and I actually got engaged there – fun fact 😉 We didn’t have a ton of time up there for this visit but we did make the most of the time we had. We went for a nice walk into town and hung around at Topa Mountain Winery’s tasting room, which had a Christmas market and live music, with food trucks for snacks and cozy blankets for keeping warm once the sun went down after Ojai’s famous ‘Pink Moment’. On Sunday we had brunch on the patio at Noso Vita before checking out their sprawling farmers’ market where I picked up some local olive oil, flowers and veggies to take back with me.

Here are a few iPhone snaps from the weekend. Let me know if you ever go and need any suggestions on what to see and do!

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