chic straw hats

7ff650edc4f20e710ac3cb031b3df27b I’ve been on the hunt for a great straw hat for the last couple of weeks. I have a few that I can toss on before heading out the door to the beach to keep covered up a bit, but they’re more practical than chic, and not exactly something I’d wear out and about. So that’s the kind of hat I’m in the market for; one that looks good enough to wear when out doing errands or to pack for checking out the sights on vacation. Since I’m leaving for Greece on Thursday (!) I spent this morning doing a little hat recon and wanted to share my findings in case you’re in the same boat.

J.Crew always has a couple of good hat options, and their classically styled Panama hat is what I’m leaning toward, though this raffia hat is pretty great as well and would look so cute with cut offs and a tunic. Madewell makes a pretty great hat as well, which is classified as ‘packable’, which is a bonus since not crushing a hat in your suitcase can be tough (I’ve found you either have to just wear it on the plane or else fold something inside of it to help keep it’s shape and try not to put anything to heavy on top). For something a little more funky (though less practical) there’s Eugenia Kim’s popular ‘Wish You Were Here’ sun hat.

Let me know if there are any amazing hats out there that I should buy for my trip instead of the J.Crew one – I’d love suggestions!

best straw hata few of my favorites: 

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  1. May 16, 2016 / 12:58 pm

    Love the straw hats and the pictures you found featuring them! I love how they can look classy, beachy, or even boho depending on what kind you find and how you style them!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe