How to Decorate Like Tory Burch

I saw a feature on Tory Burch’s (stunning) Hamptons home featured in Architectural Digest the other day and decided to do a post on how to achieve her interior design style. Tory’s various homes as well as her shops all tend toward traditional and glam with an eclectic twist, and while just about every store I’ve ever stepped foot in and every image I’ve ever seen has been achingly chic, they also always feel very comfortable and livable.

Tory works with designer Daniel Romualdez, who unfortunately for us doesn’t have any social media or even a website with a portfolio to stalk, but from taking a look at all of Tory’s rooms, I’d have to say he’s one of my favorite designers. I perused Pinterest and checked out the various magazines that have featured Tory’s homes over the years to come up with some of my all time favorite images, and have compiled 8 tips to help you decorate like Tory Burch, below:

1. Flea Market Finds (or at least items that look like they’re from there)

The Louis mirror above the fireplace in the bedroom above looks like it was plucked straight from the Paris Flea Market, but even if you won’t be jetting off to France anytime soon you can very easily incorporate vintage or vintage looking items into your decor to give your room a bit of gravitas and keep it from looking too cookie cutter or like you just moved the Pottery Barn showroom into your living room. One Kings Lane always has great flea market finds, as does Easy. J Gallery Design and Mid Mod Tropical are two of my favorite Easy shops.

2. Use the same fabric on multiple items.

This is a very French way to decorate and one that Tory has utilized for many of her homes. In the bedroom above the same print is used on the bedskirt, bolster pillow and walls, and below the same chintz has been used on the window treatments and walls. This is a way to make a major statement, though it’s a big commitment so you need to make sure you really truly love a print before using it all over. One of my favorite fabrics is Peter Dunham’s Samarkand which I have used in my guest room on a bench and Euro shams, and he just came out with the print in wallpaper too. One day I hope to have a whole room done in it.

3. Go for Glamour

A lot of Tory’s rooms are majorly, unabashedly glamorous; luxe fabrics, mirrored doors, and beautiful upholstered or papered walls are trademarks of the Tory look. That being said, the rooms still manage to look comfortable and never stiff. I believe this is because all of the upholstered furniture is often overstuffed, oversized and cozy looking, so no matter how glam the accessories or certain pieces are, the overall feel is one of comfort.

4. Pay Close Attention to Detail:

Look closely at all of these images, and you’ll notice all of the little details that make up the bigger picture. Tory’s a big fan of trims, tapes, wallpapered doors, fringes on pillows, monograms on bedding – these are all the things that take a room from good to great.

5. Natural Fibers: 

Virtually every room I’ve ever seen of Tory’s incorporates natural elements, whether that be in a large jute rug, woven chairs or a wicker basket holding logs or magazines. Adding in natural fibers are an easy way to help keep a room from feeling too formal. As a bonus, they’re often inexpensive.

6. Living things:

Any room can benefit from fresh flowers, but I also love how Tory often uses potted topiaries (like in the very first image of the post) and little plants in chic cachepots in her decor.

7. Collections:

Tory loves to display a good collection; plates, chinoiserie, coffee table books, you name it.

8. Amazing Lighting: 

There’s a bit of a rule in decorating which is that you try to rely as little as possible on overhead can lighting, and from scrolling through these images you can see that each room has either cozy reading lights and table lamps or stunning fixtures and sconces. I’m a firm believer in investing in great lighting; I bought an expensive chandelier I had been eyeing to install in our rental house and I swear it changes the whole look of the house and makes it feel more like our home than just a random rental house. That being said you should be pretty confident that you’ll like the lighting fixture for years before investing in anything since they are so pricey.













  1. hilary
    October 11, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    Love those rooms. She really is the chicest– her designer also does Aerin Lauders homes– the Queen of Chic!

  2. October 12, 2017 / 11:51 am

    yasss! love this post and so glad to see you back 🙂