DVF’s Journey of a Dress

6a00d83451c83e69e200e5517984068833-800wiOver the weekend I visited the Diane Von Furstenberg Journey of a Dress exhibit. I’ve long been a DVF fan (I even wore a wrap dress in our engagement photos) and to see forty years of wrap dress history all together was quite fascinating. Seeing 200 mannequins wearing the iconic dress was really quite a site to behold; that a printed dress from four decades ago is just as relevant and wearable today as it was then is a true testament to DVF’s vision. There’s just something about the shape and drape of the dress that has helped it to stand the test of time; and its myriad celebrity fans certainly don’t hurt.  The exhibit celebrated not just the legendary dress but also Diane’s life and work. The (hot pink) hallway which serves as the entrance to the exhibit is covered with DVF advertisements and magazine features, and a gallery to the right features a selection of paintings done by Andy Warhol, who was a personal friend. The exhibit is worth visiting even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fashion fan; you’ll learn the history of the brand and see for yourself a glimpse into the life of a very glamorous, hardworking princess turned entrepreneur.

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A few of my current favorites: