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PKJA6-front-1200Have you heard of Juniper Books? It’s the neatest bespoke book company; you can order just about any book from classic Charles Dickens, to The Old Testament, to the latest coffee table books, all with the jacket done in any color or image or you like. My favorite options on the site are their beautifully illustrated collections of books; how sweet would this Anne of Green Gables set be in a little girl’s room, and wouldn’t this collection of cook books be perfect in a kitchen? The company also curates entire libraries for hotels, retail stores and private homes – you can check out some of their work, here.

I’ve been a fan of the site for quite some time but the reason I’m writing about it now is that I saw this morning that quite a few of their sets are current available on One Kings Lane! The books are marked down for the OKL sale, so now’s the time to get a jump on any upcoming gift giving occasions, or to buy yourself a little something – I have my eye on this gorgeous set of Hemingway novels. Something that my parents instilled in me from a young age is that there’s nothing wrong with spending money on books, and if they just so happen to be beautiful, even better, right? Let me know if you end up buying anything!

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  1. February 25, 2016 / 6:06 am

    ahhh I’ve never heard of this site so thank you for introducing me … LOVE IT! xx