Best Baby Stores in Los Angeles


My adorable new niece was born over the weekend and I’ve got babies on the brain! I thought I would do a roundup of what I believe to be the best baby boutiques in Los Angeles:

Bel Bambini
This celebrity favored high end baby boutique offers nearly anything you could ever need for your baby.

Petit Tresor
Offers luxury baby goods and has a super helpful gift guide on their website.

Poppy Store
This shop is located in the Brentwood Country Mart and is full of adorable outfits and gifts for babies and children. The staff here are super helpful and friendly (especially to me, a clueless new auntie!).

Jenny Becs
This great shop offers design help for baby related projects, and has great gifts and furniture as well.

Peek…Aren’t You Curious

Toy Crazy 

Also in the Brentwood Country Mart and features amazing educational toys and gifts for children, as well as old fashioned favorites like the jack in the box!

Clean Bee Baby
While this is not a store, this is definitely a helpful service for any parent! Clean Bee Baby is an eco-friendly cleaning service for baby car seats and strollers.
Car seats and strollers can get extremely disgusting, and Clean Bee Baby is a lifesaver…and also happens to be started by one of my cute Junior League friends! Check out the website here:

Bar Keeper

On Saturday afternoon I did a little bit of exploring in Silverlake, and stumbled upon Bar Keeper. Bar Keeper is a well curated boutique offering everything you could ever need to have a chic, well stocked bar (or liquor cabinet).
Bar Keeper has a fantastic selection of new and vintage bar and glass ware as well as rare and hard to find liquor. Prior to visiting the shop I hadn’t given much thought to Bitters/didn’t realize there were multiple flavors, but we tried a few of them at the little Bitters Tasting Bar, and I am very intrigued! If I made cocktails more often I would definitely invest in some.
The owner is super friendly, and the shop has something for everyone. I will definitely be back-it is the perfect place to find a unique gift!
3910 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, CA 90029

Grace Home Furnishings

Grace Home Furnishings, located in Brentwood Village, has the most elegant, gorgeous furniture.

When I walk into the store I literally want everything, and believe that my life would be better (or at least more well decorated) if only I owned the amazing green floral upholstered print seat with white lacquer or mirrored nightstand with hand beveled mirror and ash wood base! These things and more are available on their website

I especially love Grace Home’s fantastic advertisements; everything looks luxe and beautifully styled, but never over the top. I love their uses of muted tones with bold accents, and am obsessed with the turqoise walls in the first ad – I insisted that my mum paint my bedrooms walls turqoise when I was about 14…but somehow they didn’t look as chic as with my movie posters and magazine ad cut outs plastered on them. Hmm.

I could move into any of the rooms in their ads and find myself very happy. It could also be that I just really want that dog!

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