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810 I really love looking over all of the street style images from the various Fashion Weeks, but New York tends to be my favorite. It’s the kickoff to the monthlong event and I feel like everyone really steps up to the (fashion) plate and make such an effort to look chic. That being said, I don’t like the outfits where it’s obvious that the girl got dressed for the sole purpose of being photographed (unrealistically high heels, way too many trends going on at once, etc). I tend to favor the photos of women who wear classic styles but put their own personal twist on it, but I also love those wackier looks so long as the wearer looks comfortable with themselves and their personal style.

Here are a few of my favorites from the hundreds of great outfit photos from outside the shows; it seems like matching separates are still a thing, as are structural blouses (this one from Johanna Ortiz is a great way to get in on the trend), raw edge denim (on the waistband or hem), any and all skirts, and wearing things like glittery shoes, velvet, and brocade during the day by pairing them with more casual pieces.
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scorpios mykonos

steve.herud.scorpios.beach-2 I meant to post about Scorpios right after I got back from Greece a few months ago, but I got sidetracked and busy and wasn’t blogging as much, so now here we are. Scorpios is a restaurant and beach club on Mykonos, and is one of the most special places I think I’ve ever been. The concierge at our hotel recommended we go for dinner and told us the food was great and that we’d like it, but when we walked in and saw how stunning not only the design of the place was but took in its seriously amazing location, I think we all fell in love.

The rustic, breezy space is set up on small bluff above the Mediterranean, and features multiple areas for sitting, dining, relaxing, and dancing. There are little beach cabanas for rent during the day, and cozy looking hammocks and plush seating areas for chatting and lounging at night. The night we went we ended up staying and dancing under the stars for hours after dinner, which we hadn’t planned to do but there was a DJ and we had a lot of champagne. Unplanned, spontaneous nights are the best kinds of nights, aren’t they?

Scroll on for more gorgeous pictures of the space, and don’t blame me if you find yourself looking up flights to Greece!

scorpios mykonossteve.herud.scorpios.house-1food.scorpios.steve.herud-1_DSC5251




the best dip/sauce EVER


I’m barely being dramatic when I say that this Romesco inspired sauce is the best thing ever. There used to be a little company at our local farmers’ market that sold this kind of sauce, but they seem to have disappeared so I decided that I needed to take things into my own hands. This sauce (or dip) is creamy and fresh tasting, and works on/with anything from simple veggies and dip, to pasta, to salad dressing. I love to put a big dollop on a quinoa or farro bowl to instantly make it a bit more exciting. The best part is that it’s easy to make and super healthy…

Combine two roasted red peppers (you can also do them on the stove in a super hot cast iron skillet until they’re nice and charred) 1/2 cup of almonds, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 teaspoon red wine vinegar, a clove of garlic, and salt to taste in a a blender, and pulse until smooth. I’ve also played around with adding a very small amount of sun dried tomatoes, which is also delicious and adds depth to the flavour. Let the mixture cool in the fridge and them serve with whatever you want. 


fall fashion: opulent and decadent

brocadeI’m officially excited for fall. It’s a bit hard to get too gung-ho about winter coats and over the knee boots when living by the beach in LA, but after browsing the various September issues (although I actually haven’t even read Vogue’s yet, I better get on it!) I’m ready to put away my swimsuits and sandals and pull out my sweaters and hats.

The trend I’m most looking forward to for the season is all out luxe in the form of velvet, silk, brocade and organza. The Edit’s latest issue talks all about this decadent way of dressing and has some great tips on how to achieve the look without going overboard, for example dressing down sequins or billowing tops with a pair of jeans, or sticking to a statement coat but keeping the rest of the look simple (like the chic girl in the picture above).

An embellished top like this one from Needle & Thread is a good way to ease into the trend, and this cute clutch is a great way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit without having to commit too much time of effort (or money, it’s only $24). I already own a vintage jacket sort of similar to Sienna Miller’s green one below, and I’m pretty excited to bring that out once the temperatures start to drop a little. I’m also planning to purchase this fun metallic skirt, though I’d pair it with a simpler top than they have on the model.

Thoughts? Are you into this look, or do you prefer a simpler fall style?


sarah bartholomew

sarah bartholomew design I have a pretty serious obsession with Nashville based interior designer Sarah Bartholomew, and I know I’m not the only one. House Beautiful just did a big feature on her gorgeous home, and I’ve seen photos of her work cropping up all over Pinterest and the blog world as well.

I think that what makes Sarah’s work so interesting is that she often uses a variety of prints, colors and patterns but grounds them with plenty of natural elements and antique and vintage furniture and accessories. This really helps to achieve that ‘collected’ look that you always hear decorators talking about. Everything works together without looking too perfect or decorated; the rooms feel like actual people live in the spaces and have filled them with their favorite textiles and flea market finds, which is exactly how you want them to feel. Scroll on for more beautiful design inspiration below.

Happy Tuesday!

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^ Sarah uses Peter Dunham’s Samarkand print a lot (on the chairs) which is one of my absolute favorite fabrics. You can buy a pillow made of the fabric on Etsy, here664df2d7b9e338e0b884d9aed597a0eb sarah bartholomew designer

Get the look:

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