pea toast

pea toastI have a bold statement to say. I think that pea toast is/will be the new avocado toast. Have you had it yet? The first time I had pea toast was at Salt Air in Venice, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their version is incredible; it’s topped with perfectly caramelized onions and has a slight kick from a bit of jalapeño. Every time I go to the restaurant I immediately put in an order or two…I know they’ll get eaten!

Luckily for us, making delish pea toast at home can be quite simple. The key (as in all recipes) is to use the best, freshest ingredients possible; good bread, fresh ricotta, etc. This recipe from Fork Knife Swoon looks amazing, as does this slightly more involved one from Sycamore Street Press. If you aren’t in LA and want to try out Salt Air’s recipe with the caramelized onions, then this is the recipe for you, directly from the restaurant’s chef. You’re welcome.

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