peter dunham samarkand

C-APRL-FEAT-PETERD-08-1000x1338Peter Dunham’s Samarkand is my all time favorite fabric. It’s this gorgeous paisley print that somehow works in just about any style of room, from super traditional and classic to uber bohemian and global. Samarkand comes in quite a few different color ways but the one I love most is blue and green on the white background, as seen in the image below and to the right. Isn’t it great? I tend to be drawn towards those two colors and combined together in this print they’re seriously gorgeous. I just ordered some of the fabric to use in the new house we’re moving into, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been wanting the fabric forever but didn’t really have anywhere to use it, but now I do! The new house is near to the beach so I think that the colors and print will work really well there – I’ll post a photo once everything comes together.

I’m planning to use the print as cushions on my white slipcovered sofa to add just a bit of print and color, but I also really love when designers go all out with the fabric and use it on multiple surfaces, as seen in some of the images below. It’s such a statement, so you’d have to make sure you really loved the print before doing something like that. I don’t know if I’d have the guts, you?

As for finding the fabric, it can be kind of difficult unless you’re ordering yardage directly from the showroom. That being said, Hollywood at Home has a few Samarkand pillow options on their website, and every once in a while something pops up on One Kings Lane. Etsy and Ebay (here’s great pair of pillows for sale actually) are also good places to look.

Have a good day!
peter dunham samarkandimage_thumb66OD-AD361_ANATOM_G_20110113192350e6f96915971f307b2929e5a28437fc8cpeter dunham samarkand fabricscreen-shot-2012-09-04-at-8-07-28-pm (2)IMG_9116 (1)

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