schumacher citrus garden

175761Schumacher’s Citrus Garden print is another all time favorite of mine, like Samarkand which I talked about here. Every time I’m in the Schumacher showroom pulling fabrics for work I always end up looking at Citrus Garden – it’s just such a fun, happy print. I have a fabric swatch of it at home that I’m keeping in the hopes of one day using it in my future house. I think it would be just so pretty in a kitchen as either a built in bench cushion or some sort of window covering. It’s quite a bold fabric so I think I’d keep everything else quite neutral, though I do like how Taylor Jacobsen used the fabric on a pillow in this room which is already pretty busy. Doesn’t it look great?

I also love how the fabric is used as an incredibly chic tablecloth in one of the images below – isn’t that amazing? I’m kind of tempted now to get some to make into pretty napkins or something. A couple of Etsy shops sell pillows made in both colorways of the print; this bolster pillow would make a perfect pop of color and pattern in a kitchen nook or on an armchair. Thoughts? Do you love it as much as I do? Have a good day!

citrus garden schumacher above right photo by Amy Bartlam 2dd9ec5a5c288ba7f4ada04b493196ddschumacher citrus garden schumacher-citrusgarden-site-image-large_1 233ac8f780358969b5c7aaa6212152f1 Kimberly-Schlegel-Whitman-Margarita-Bar-Schumacher-Citrus-Garden-table-cloth1