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e0d17ee02e81ba8cf0187367deb72e27 The other day I bought a barrette for the first time in probably fifteen years. I tend to shy away from any sort of hair accessory as I think that they can tend to look a little too ‘done’ for my liking; my mom followed me around for a good half hour while when I was getting ready for my wedding, trying to pin just a little something beaded or sparkly into my hair and I just didn’t like the look of it (sorry, mom!). But these new clean lined, modern looking barrettes used to clip up a messy chignon or hold together a low pony, these I can get behind.

Hair accessories and barrettes started to make a comeback about a year ago on the runways at Chanel and Celine, and since then I’ve started noticing images popping up on my Pinterest page and have started seeing them in the shops. Nordstrom makes a rounded clip that’s just about an exact copy of the Celine one, as does Asos, and J.Crew has a pretty good selection of clips. I think the key to pulling off any sort of hair accessory is to keep the rest of your look quite basic, and to be sure that your hair doesn’t look too perfect, like the girls in these inspiration images. Thoughts? Have you been wearing barrettes at all, or is this not something you can see yourself doing?

Happy Tuesday!

chic barrettea few barrettes I love:

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pretty ponies

9f62d438637850b68f531785511aaa78I popped into J Crew the other day and spotted these pretty ponytail holders like the one below, which got me all inspired in the hair department, which ultimately led to Pinterest perusing, and finally to this post. I’m bad at doing my own hair. You? Mine is pretty wavy/curly and can get quite frizzy (especially if it’s humid, then I’m like Monica from Friends episode when they were in Hawaii!) so I tend to just put some sort of smoothing cream in it, air dry and hope for the best, or else I go to Dry Bar which is an expensive habit, but worth it to me since I can make it last a few days.

I wish I was the kind of girl who could do those amazing braids and interpret runway looks (like Amber), but unfortunately it’s just so not my thing. But ponytails! Ponytails I can get behind. There are a zillion tutorials out there, but I think I might just use that little J Crew thingie or play around myself to try to achieve one of these looks.

Thoughts? Are you into the fancy ponytail, or not so much?
pretty ponytailchic ponytail4ad9e5be12e48dcf4711f53097468a93how to chic ponytail hairstyle

all image via Pinterest

half up hair


I noticed that a ton of the girls in Sydney and Auckland were wearing their hair half up in a slightly messy, very cool way. I’ve always loved wearing my hair half up as I like it pulled back but don’t love how I look with it all the way up, but I tend to be lazy when it comes to doing my hair, and I usually revert to just doing a half ponytail and tucking it under. My sister recently mentioned that it looked like I had used the Topsy Tail (remember the Topsy Tail?) which was definitely not what I was going for, and is what got my started with searching for less 90’s versions of the look on Pinterest.

Some of these styles are a little more polished than others, but they all look so chic. I think the key is to just play around to see what works, and to not give it too much thought. That being said, one of these days I’d love to try a braided style like this one for a night out, or this Celtic knot if I somehow ever get the patience to attempt it.

Check out the rest of the photos for more hair inspiration…I’m off to give this one a try!

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