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A (very) random assortment of things I’m currently loving, from a Matisse inspired painter to a very delicious sparking soda…

1. I’m a little bit obsessed with this fabric from British textile designer Penny Morrison, and really want to make a large bolster pillow for my bed with it. A few Etsy shops sell pillows using her fabrics if you end up loving her designs as much as I do!

2. The Go Between. I just ordered this book and am really looking forward to reading it. I can’t remember where I saw it recommended but it sounds like such an interesting story – I’ll report back.

3. Hudson Grace makes the most gorgeous, well, everything, but these oversized linen napkins are particularly great. I have them in pink.

4. Ahh this shoe. I wore a similar heeled version as my wedding shoe but I just love this flat since it’s a tiny bit more practical (although very expensive for a shoe). I’d pair it with distressed denim to tone down the fancy a little bit.

5. Veronica Beard has been on a roll lately. I have a few pairs of their pants and have tried on their shirts and dresses in shop, and am happy to report that their tailoring and craftsmanship is on point. I really love this dress and think it’d be such a cute Spring wardrobe addition – I’m just hoping it’ll go on sale!

6. I’ve tried every flavor of Spindrift and think that the Blackberry is the best one. If you’re not familiar, they’re similar to La Croix but contain actual bits of fruit which make them taste a thousand times better, while still being super refreshing and low in calories. You can search on their site to see if they’re available in the grocery stores near you.

7. Wayne Pate is a New York based artist and seems to be all the rage right now. I first read about him a few years ago in a magazine, and was re-reminded of him when a client bought one of his pieces a few months ago. His work is so interesting and ranges from abstract black and white drawings to whimsical, colorful paintings. You can buy his prints on One Kings Lane and on his site.

8. My friend Kirsty is the designer behind Retrouvai, the most gorgeous LA based jewelry line. Her brand motto is to create modern heirlooms which is such a neat sentiment and one that her current line captures perfectly. I’d definitely keep this ring to pass on to my daughter one day.

interview with artist patrick marston


patrick marston venice mural

Today I have a little interview to share that I did with Venice based artist Patrick Marston. Justin and I attended the opening of one of his most recent works, which is a giant mural depicting Venice’s diverse history, painted on the hallway of Google’s Venice location. Read on to see what inspired Patrick, how the collaboration came about, and some of his favorite local spots…

1. How did you get started as an artist?

Creating art has always been my favorite thing as far as I can remember.  I loved to draw, paint and make whole worlds out of toilet paper tubes, cardboard and glue.   My parents were wise enough to recogonize that I had a strong curiousty for art and made sure that I got into workshops, camps and art classes to encourage my talent.  I wasn’t good at a lot of things, but I shined when I was making art.

2. How did the Google collaboration come about?

I received an email from Google, a call for local artists in the community, to see if I was interested in submitting an idea for a mural project.  Apparently, Google had been looking at submissions for almost two years prior, but Google wanted to have something up for the Venice Family Clincics ArtWalk that was just around the corner.  I worked for two days straight creating a design. Honestly – I knew there would be many incredible submissions. I wasn’t sure that mine would be chosen, but took the project on as a personal discipline and challenge.  I have adopted the motto, “Sacrifice or regret.”  One never knows unless they try.

20150909_171135-e14436579161693. What was your inspiration behind the Google mural?

I wanted to really capture the flavor of Venice.  I was inspired by its history, the canals, the amusment park piers, Oceanfront Walk, the music, the ecletic persoalities of the locals, and its trademark fun of surfing, beaching, biking, boarding. and basketball.  I investigated as much as I could and it all inevitably led me back to the source – the individual who concieved “Venice of America,” and that was Abbot Kinney.  The mural is titled “Abbot’s Dream.”  Everything we have created starts with an idea or a dream, and this was Abbot’s.  I thought it was interesting to incorporate the inventions of his time. Making dreams become reality was a very plausible concept. During Abbot’s life, the industrial age was giving birth to the lightbulb, the radio, the sewing machine, airplanes, bicycles…even the basketball was invented in 1891!  This was a time of incredible optimism, and I thought that was important to create a context for the dream of recreating a Venice in Southern California.  The other elements are all symbols and icons of Venice Beach from beginning to present – from gondolas and bridges to bikes on the bike path, from toy trains to tattoos, fishing and whale-watching to grafitti and rollerskating.  In the end, I nick-named the mural an 1800s Funkedelic Roller-Boogie.

4. I know you live in Venice – what are some of your favorite neighborhood spots (restaurants, shops, etc)?

HaH! There are so MANY great places here in Venice (not all of which one can afford to enjoy regularly on an artist’s budget).  The Venic Ale House. is my favorite place to hang with friends on a sunny weekend day.  I love Casablanca for the margaritas and music. I am a huge Arbor fan (best boards EVER!).  And, I just discovered Kippy’s! YUM!

patrick marston artist5. What’s next for you?

I have just completed a second mural in Culver City with my signature fish, and I am currently in talks for a large indoor mural in an Oceanfront Walk home here in Venice.  My husband Michael and I just opened up our gallery this month. The address is 3101 Washington Boulevard in Venice.  We are beside-ourselves-thrilled! The long history of work, perserverence, prolificacy and patronage is paying off.  It’s a great place to be as we continue to make our own dreams into reality.

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where to buy art online

where to buy art online

clockwise from top left

Berthe Morisot print $59.99 / framed vintage fashion illustration $650 / lifeguard watercolor $100 / botanical photograph $30 / black and white abstract print $99  / pink and orange canvas original painting $309

I love looking at and buying art. I’ve never spent any money on a big ticket item and I definitely don’t have a ‘collection’ by any means, but I like the idea of slowly working on it by picking up vintage works from flea markets or buying prints of favorite paintings (that Berthe Morisot one above is on my wish list!). I overheard a lady at an antique store once telling her friend that she had been collecting vintage seascapes for years, and I just thought that was so cool, and probably a much better ‘investment’ than spending $100 or so on an article of clothing that likely wouldn’t be worn for very long.

While garage sales, flea markets, and galleries are obviously great resources, there are also a ton of great place to browse and buy art online. and One Kings Lane are great places to find famous prints, while Etsy and Saatchi Art offer tons of unique and original works. Other sites I like are Serena and Lily’s art section, and any of the museum websites (MoMa, The Met, etc). Even Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home often have really beautiful works that either are unique or at least look that way.

Have you bought much art online? Any other great shops that I should be checking out? I’d love to hear!

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