My 6 Favorite Lipsticks

I’ve become a pretty big lipstick fan over the years and have amassed quite the collection. I’m constantly trying out new ones, and don’t think I’ve passed by a duty free store in the last five years without picking up a new shade. After quite a bit of trial and error I’ve narrowed down my top 6 absolute favorite colors; the colors that I’ve loved for years and/or wear every single day. Without further ado, my top 6 favorite lip colors, below:

(okay a little bit of further ado – after taking this photo and seeing it up close I realized that it’s not the most gorgeous photo and that you can see lip marks and little nicks and scratches on the tubes, but that just goes to show that I use these a lot and really do love them, right?)  

Chanel Rouge Coco in ‘Gabrielle’ – This to me is the perfect red. It’s not a crazy bright, fire engine red but rather a softer more elegant shade, which is really easy to wear. A makeup artist from Chanel told me that she’s convinced it’s a universal shade that looks good on every single person she’s ever put it on and I’d have to agree.

Bobbi Brown ‘Pink’ – This bright, deep pink has been my go-to for a few years now. I even wore it at my wedding! I like to apply a coat or two of it and then blot it so that it’s a bit more muted. The formula of this lipstick is nice and hydrating but still semi-matte (I don’t like really shiny or sparkly lipsticks and never wear gloss) and stays on for a long time.

Lancome Rouge in Love ‘163M Dans ses Bras’ – Alright unfortunately this shade is bizarrely difficult to find, but if you do then please try it because it’s the prettiest ultra pigmented raspberry color. I like to wear it during the day to feel instantly pulled together.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Amazing Grace’ – Charlotte describes this color as a ‘vintage tea rose’ and I think that does sum it up pretty perfectly. It’s a really gorgeous dusty rose that goes on super matte and looks very natural – like your own lip color but better. This is a really neat feature where you can see how the lip color looks on various skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in ‘Pink Lily’ – This is an ultra pigmented, medium to bright raspberry pink color that’s very pretty for day or night.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in ‘L’Exubérante’ – I fell in love with this color when I saw it at Violet Grey a couple of months ago, but they only had the color as a display piece and didn’t even know what the name of it was. They ended up just giving it to me which was so sweet (I think they maybe didn’t want to make the pregnant lady upset ;)) and I finally tracked down its name.

hot pink lipstick

hot pink lipstick I love bright pink lipstick. I didn’t even really realize that I did until I mentioned the color I typically wear (Bobbi Brown’s Pink) to the makeup artist at my wedding, and she acted surprised and was impressed that I liked such a ‘bold lip’. Who knew?

I don’t wear much eye makeup besides mascara, so maybe I feel like I can get away with having a ‘statement color’ on my lips – I also have a bit of a trick, which is to first apply a thin layer of lip balm before the lipstick, and then to blot away any excess pigment to make it super matte and tone down the color a bit. It makes even the most intimidatingly bright lipstick seem less daunting, and looks a bit less ‘done’, which I like.

My favorite colors are actually all by Bobbi Brown, as I think her colors are so saturated and well made; besides Pink I also love Mod Pink, Pink Lily, Hot and Ibiza Pink. The one shade I have that isn’t by Bobbi (God I wish I was actually on a first nam basis with her, wouldn’t that be cool?) is Carthage by Nars, an extremely bright, matte shade of extremely hot pink. It definitely looks a little scary at first but is so pretty with a bit of a tan and a very natural rest of the face. Trust me!

Alright, I’m off to go get ready for the day…we might be picking up a new puppy today. Wish me luck!bright pink lipstick cara delevigned916b002b512735aad7f3ebaa6446d7dhot pink lipstick bright pink lipstick blake livelybright pink lipstick emma stone

5 best mascaras

the best mascara I love mascara. I’m not very good at doing anything else makeup-wise (I just bought my first liquid eyeliner ever about a week ago which isn’t going very well, and I don’t own a single eyeshadow) but mascara I get. I love that it instantly makes you look awake and more vibrant, and that you can create a ‘look’ with a single wand. You can use mascara to make it look like you’re wearing no makeup at all and just naturally have great lashes, or you can apply three coats and wriggle it at the base for a slightly smudged Brigitte Bardot look. I’ve tried quite a few brands over the years and these are my top 5 all time favorites:

1. My go-to mascara which I’ve been using for years is L’Oreal Voluminious, which is about $5 at the drugstore and provides major volume in just one or two swipes.

2. Another one I’ve been using for years, Full n Soft is also a drugstore cheapie but a goodie. It really is soft and buildable, and looks very natural. It’s been around for years, and with good reason. Great for daytime.

3. Diorshow Mascara has an obsessive cult following for a reason. It gives tons of volume, length and curl, but at a price. I buy this every once in a while.

4. I really like a lot of Benefit’s products, and this one is great. I’m not usually a fan of the strange wands that the makeup companies have come out with in the last few years (the old ones work just fine in my opinion) but They’re Real really lives up to its name and provides a false lashes effect quite quickly.

5. I love just about everything that celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury comes out with (I even wrote a blog post declaring my love for her brand) and her new Full Fat Lashes mascara exceeds my very high expectations. It’s worth the $29!

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