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A quick little post for today as I have to run out the door to get some stuff done for work…

A few weeks ago I tagged along with Justin on a work trip he had to take to Deer Valley and I’m so glad I did. I had heard great things about the Montage where we stayed and oh my gosh did it ever live up to the hype. Everything about the hotel is perfect, from the super cozy rooms complete with fireplaces and extra large bath tubs, to the five delicious restaurants, to the 35,000 square foot (seriously!) spa where I had the best massage of my life – it was also maybe the most expensive massage of my life but I think it was worth it.

At night there is live music and a s’mores bar, and even though I didn’t hit the slopes while I was there I heard that the skiing was wonderful. Honestly if you ever get the chance to visit this hotel even in the summer – go!

scorpios mykonos

steve.herud.scorpios.beach-2 I meant to post about Scorpios right after I got back from Greece a few months ago, but I got sidetracked and busy and wasn’t blogging as much, so now here we are. Scorpios is a restaurant and beach club on Mykonos, and is one of the most special places I think I’ve ever been. The concierge at our hotel recommended we go for dinner and told us the food was great and that we’d like it, but when we walked in and saw how stunning not only the design of the place was but took in its seriously amazing location, I think we all fell in love.

The rustic, breezy space is set up on small bluff above the Mediterranean, and features multiple areas for sitting, dining, relaxing, and dancing. There are little beach cabanas for rent during the day, and cozy looking hammocks and plush seating areas for chatting and lounging at night. The night we went we ended up staying and dancing under the stars for hours after dinner, which we hadn’t planned to do but there was a DJ and we had a lot of champagne. Unplanned, spontaneous nights are the best kinds of nights, aren’t they?

Scroll on for more gorgeous pictures of the space, and don’t blame me if you find yourself looking up flights to Greece!




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IMG_0996 (1)I’m back, if anybody missed me! I’ve been completely MIA from the blog for a couple of weeks, and I’m not really sure why…I guess I was just busy with work and traveling, but I think I was also feeling a little uninspired. To get back into the groove of things, here are some photos I took while we were in Paris a few weeks ago.

We were only in the city for two days but we managed to fit in a few museums, tons of wandering and lots of really great food. We stayed at Le Grand Pigalle in the 9th which I highly recommend; it’s this super chic little hotel with comfortable beds, gorgeous bathrooms, and a really great bar on the ground floor in lieu of a traditional lobby. A few of the restaurants and cafes that we visited that were particularly great were Buvette for a delicious brunch, Bistro Paul Bert for a very traditional French bistro dinner, and Pain Pain, a beautifully decorated bakery with great coffee and plenty of Parisians lining up for baguettes and croissants. We also spent a long, leisurely afternoon people watching and drinking wine at Cafe de Flore, which is a must visit, even though it’s very touristy and doesn’t have the best food – it’s just such an institution that you have to go.

It was a short and sweet trip, and I’m already itching to go back – Paris is one of those cities that you can just never get enough of, isn’t it?

Have a good day!

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