Wayne Pate

I’ve been sort of obsessed with the artist Wayne Pate for the last few years, and I just recently pulled the trigger and bought one of his paintings which now hangs proudly above our (extremely well stocked) bar cart. I’m so happy that I bought this painting and that I waited until I found one that I really loved. It’s part of my new life mantra that I was mentioning the other day where I’m trying to either save for the item I truly want or wait until I find something that really speaks to me, and not to just purchase placeholder items.

Buying well doesn’t even necessarily have to mean expensive, either. I think that you can find amazing affordable art (or clothes or furniture) at vintage stores and flea markets but the important thing is to make sure you find something you truly love and that you can envision yourself liking for years to come, which is something I can definitely see with my painting.

A few fun facts about Wayne Pate: he’s fashion designer Rebecca Taylor’s husband (have you seen this tour of their gorgeous home?) and he was once described as a “Modern Day Matisse” by One Kings Lane. You can definitely see that Matisse is an influence on his work, especially with the colors he uses in his paintings and in his style of drawing. Wayne also painted a fun take on Tory Burch’s Spring collection last year, which you can check out here.

Are you a fan of Wayne’s whimsical aesthetic, or do you like more modern artwork, or maybe something more traditional? I’d say my absolute favorite style or genre of painting is impressionism, and I think I’d have to say my absolute favorite artist would be Berthe Morisot, though unfortunately there’s no chance I’ll ever own one of her works unless I win the lottery!

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Wayne Pate at work image via one kings lane, artwork images via waynepate.com





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  1. October 26, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    Oooh…congrats on your new purchase! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the piece…and the good on the cart, too!