weekend links


Happy Friday! It’s drizzling and grey outside here today, and I’m pretty excited about it. I have a bunch of work to get done at the computer and I’m planning to just stay in my pajamas for as long as possible. Working from home (mostly) can be pretty fun. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? We have a friend’s 30th birthday tomorrow which I’m looking forward to, and other than that it’s kind of all Justin and I have going on.

Whatever you’re up to, have a good one!

-From Domaine: 7 Healthy Habits for 30-Somethings. Even if you’re not in your thirties (I have one more year!) these are some good ideas and tips for balance

-Sign me up: a list of 8 Magical Wrinkle Fighting Foods. I would have guessed all of these except #2. Also if you are looking for something to make your skin look glowy and amazing, buy this.

-Epicurious has an entire section dedicated to cooking without recipes. This baked oatmeal looks amazing. Speaking of breakfast food did you make my granola yet?

A chat with the founders of The Skimm on what they did know and things they wish they had known when starting their business. You get The Skimm, right? Reading it is the first thing I do each morning (while snuggling with Penny).

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