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ccc419e8c717805b4d699b0075fc9a30Happy Friday, you guys. I’ve been a bit MIA this week, I know, but things have been busy with work and we have been getting stuff sorted for our move on Monday! I’m pretty excited, though I had forgotten how much packing sucks. It’s crazy to see how much stuff you accumulate over the years. I did a little bit of ‘Konmari’ and got rid of things that I don’t love, but it’s hard! Alright, I have to go pack. Have a good weekend, let me know if you’re doing something fun so I can live vicariously through you.

-This is so sweet: ‘Women in Their Thirties on the Advice They Wish They Had in Their Twenties’, ranging from silly “velvet pants are not a good look” to poignant “you have as much right to exist, join in, and contribute to society or just a conversation, as the next person”. Give it a read.

An interview with Net a Porter’s handbag buyer about ‘investment bags’; what goes into making one, and what to look for when buying one. This one is my favorite of her picks.

Six fascinating facts about Korean beauty. We all know they’re into their products and face masks but I didn’t realize plastic surgery was so prevalent, did you?

How to spend 36 Hours on the Amalfi Coast, from NY Times. Yes, please!

Tips and tricks for starting an indoor garden.


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  1. April 29, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    I did some Konmari cleaning too! Feels so good to purge all the unnecessary stuff from clostets 🙂

    So sad about the Korean plastic surgery- it’s a huge issue over there right now, and coming from that cultural background, I understand the roots but I wish that this issue starts to fade soon.

    Also, Amalfi is amazing 🙂 Any time you get a chance to go, don’t hesitate!