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I’m alive! Sorry for the radio silence all week (aside from this post). I forgot how time consuming moving is, and with all the unpacking and organizing along with work, the poor blog got pushed aside. Now that we’re settled into the new place I’ll get back into a new routine and with hopefully a lot more recipes and original content since we now have a much bigger space. Woo hoo! Here are a few interesting links to get your Friday morning off to a good start. Have a nice weekend!

Racked has a pretty in depth article on online shopping habits, and the crazy amount of research a lot of people (myself included) do before pulling the trigger. The story also talks about how consumers are not very brand loyal and will just look for the least expensive price. Do you agree? I mostly do, though there are a few sites (Net a Porter is one) that I am loyal to even if it means paying a tiny bit more; I know their shipping is fast, the customer service is great and that their packaging is always so beautiful. Plus, you get to save on taxes when shipping to California!

10 Things Standing Between You and a Spontaneous Life Adventure, via Stylist. An interesting read!

-This is sweet, just in time for Mother’s Day: Vogue Editors on the Clothes They ‘Borrow’ from Mom. When I lived at home my friends and I would always wear my mom’s cardigans and sweaters, they were just so cozy. What about you, anything you like to steal from mom?

-Have you read this crazy new study on the science behind weight loss? I thought we knew all there was to know about it (basically that you need to expel more calories than you take in) but apparently it’s not that simple. Read it if you have a few minutes, it’s very interesting.

-I love these illustrations of women doing everyday things.


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  1. May 6, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    Great links! Especially enjoyed reading the one about online shopping – always an interesting topic! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!